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Kylie: The Complete Discography Rate - Part. 2 "B-Sides & Rarities" (RESULTS - WINNER!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by P'NutButter, Oct 5, 2020.


What is your favourite Kylie side project?

  1. Kylie perfume

    1 vote(s)
  2. Kylie At Home: Bedding and Home Accessories

    7 vote(s)
  3. Kylie Christmas

    31 vote(s)
  4. Kylie wine

    31 vote(s)
  5. LoveKylie: Intimates & Swimwear

    2 vote(s)
  1. Some people need a firelighter.

    Sparks - 10. I love that xylophone and the melody it plays is so damn catchy, a fabulous base on which to build the song, and the chorus with its deep synth bass is pure Euphoria.
  2. I have a 7.5 and an 8 left, but although I have a slight preference, I don't really mind which wins in the end.
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  3. Love Takes Over Me 8
    Now this is a song that didn’t do much for me on first listen but like many Impossible Princess songs reveals itself with each listen. Very angsty vocal-love it

    Sparks 9.5
    Love this songI don’t listen to it often enough-wasted as a b-side. Love the minimal production and her vocals in the chorus are just perfect.
  4. I knew this was gonna happen.
    A top three placement, though... Suck on that, Little Anti-Kissmeoncesters!

    Now Cherry Bomb for the win!
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  5. Uno


    Great top 2 - Cherry Bomb is legendary for me; I really hope it takes the surprise win but I think Tightrope has this.
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  6. M24


    Finally caught up!! Rooting for Cherry Bomb! (Though I gave Tightrope a 9 ddd)
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  7. This is such a perfect top 2! (Although, wish Love Takes Over Me, was top 3 all the same, it's epic).
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  8. The final results will be coming this afternoon.

    The top 2 never left the top 5 throughout the voting, 'Sparks' benefited by not having any drastically low scores, 'Love Takes Over Me' fell to 7th place at one stage and the highest position 'Skirt' got to was 3rd.
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  9. I have an 8.5 and a 9 left, but am not too bothered whichever song wins.

    How many voters took part in this rate, @P'NutButter?
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  10. I believe 42 people voted. 43 with me.
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  11. My #11 is still here in the running, hope it can make it, but as I said both are more than worthy winners.
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  12. I slightly prefer "Cherry Bomb" out of the final two. The production does the heavy lifting in "Tightrope", but I the melodies are better in "Cherry Bomb".
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  13. I think the top 2 were fairly predictable and thoroughly deserved but the top 10 had a few surprises but nice to see a varied mix of songs and eras
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  15. The way that I won.
    Thank you, @P'NutButter, for hosting this rate. It was great to discover and rediscover all of Kylie's b-sides and bonus tracks! And I loved your artwork.
  16. YES! Tightrope, what a song! It's early 00's perfection and one of Kylie's finest ever songs, period. Thanks for yet another great rate @P'NutButter and all your hard work once again. Genius!
  17. Hard to fault that top 10 really I think.
  18. I was the only 11 for Cherry Bomb? Wow.

    Another wonderful rate @P’NutButter, thanks so much for hosting it.

    The top 10 isn’t bad. Mine definitely wouldn’t include Tightrope, Made of Glass or Paper Dolls though! But I’m glad there are things I wouldn’t expect. Makes it a lot more exciting and interesting.
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