Kylie: The Complete Discography Rate - Part. 2 "B-Sides & Rarities" (RESULTS - WINNER!)

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It's March 2002. I haven't really been invested in Kylie for a long time, despite loving "Confide In Me", "Put Yourself in My Place", "Some Kind of Bliss" (during my indie/rock early teenage years) and "On a Night Like This", her Light Years resurgence has sort of passed me by, as I've not ventured onto the LGBTQ+ scene yet and I'm still drinking underage in rock bars. I'm happy for her to have gone stratospheric with "Can't Get You..." but Fever came out the same day as beautifulgarbage (which I've been obsessively waiting for for 18 months now) so I've not bought it yet, and I'm not sure if I really want to invest in her again, although I have dipped my toes back into Kylie world with Hits+ and I watched An Audience with Kylie Minogue and was repulsed by how budget it all looked. "In Your Eyes" has just came out and I LOVE the darker video. I've just started working in a LGBTQ+ nightclub and "In Your Eyes" is being played three times a night, and the closing song at night is always "Your Disco Needs You".

I take a chance and buy "In Your Eyes" CD1 on way home from a post-work afterparty. I have a blue Sony MiniDisc player, which I will hook up to my sisters PS2 so I can transfer the song to my "2002 hits" MiniDisc compilation. I haven't done it yet, so CD goes into the cheap CD player/stereo in my room. Normally I would just play the A-side and repeat as I'm really not interested in pop artist b-sides at this point. I'm not a novel reader (still not) but I really am trying to get through Sarah by J.T. LeRoy and Candice Bushnell's Sex and the City. So, while I'm distracted trying to stay on the page, the CD single ends up playing beyond the first track a few times.

That second song starts to penetrate my brain...

Flash forward almost 19 years, I'm a dyed-in/reborn Kylie stan and "Tightrope" is still one of my all time favourite Kylie songs. It doesn't even bother me that it never made the standard Fever tracklist. The general UK public don't deserve to hear a song this good. Kylie's performance is spot on, perfectly vulnerable and pining, yet flips to determined on the pre-chorus without feeling abrupt. The production and mixing is crystal clear, you can hear every single instrument stem and the space between the notes and the momentum just builds and builds so when the music drops and Kylie's vocal and that melancholic synth captivate you for the bass to bring you back in.

(I also am fond of the Australian mix of "Tightrope", that slightly more muddy/synthy mix works for me too, although if I have one criticism of the song in either form, it's that the backing vocalists are mixed way too high. I mean, even the backing vox on Let's Get To It would like a word)

I'm not even sure I would have fully dipped my toes back into Kylie without "Tightrope". I spent the following 18 months on a crash course of the recent albums and all the b-sides, putting me right in the driving seat for my Kylie fandom when "Slow" was premiered. And it's been a wild ride ever since.


I could imagine there was a pick one or the other situation between putting "Your Love" or "Tightrope" on the album, and I think I can tell why "Your Love" won out - it's got just a bit more edge to its production, the way it flips between the darker, propulsive verses to the lighter, vulnerable choruses and of course that fantastic middle-8.
I totally forgot that I had planned to revel scores/commentary along the way. The song I stopped doing so is "I Am the One for You", which was eliminated at *gasp* #60.
Hopefully you won't mind if I posted my scores (and commentary) in batches.

Here we go (60-50):

Surprised to see "I Am the One for You" leave so early. I gave it a 7.5 Definitely not among the weakest PWL rarities. I love the verses and the chorus is catchy and fun. Better than several songs from "Rhythm of Love" in my opinion. It's odd that she they never used it as an actual B-side until the digital release of "Shocked" in 2009.
I lowkey prefer this song to "Shocked".

Never Spoken - 5
~ What kind of "Impossible Princess" outtake?
Yeah, This one is just boring and the melody is very odd at times (especially the chorus).
"Harmony" is better than it, but both are very unremarkable and pretty much useless. Poor Australia getting these two as B-sides.

Love Is the Drug - 7,5

Wonderful Life - 8,5
I knew, but I really like this rendition. The strings are beautiful.

Soul on Fire - 6,5
~ I definitely didn't expect a campfire-ish song based on its title. The chorus is so cute. I'm impressed by how unmelodic and forgettable that middle-8 is.

Over the Rainbow - 7

Gotta Move On - 7,5
I have pretty much the same thoughts on this song and "Difficult By Design" (it also got a 7.5), which falls into the 'unremarkable but very enjoyable' category. I like the xylophone, too. Surprised by "Difficult By Design" leaving before this one, though.

Just Wanna Love You - 7
~ This is pleasant and decent, despite being very B-side material. I like how reserved it is. Almost serves like an indication of the sound of "Let's Get to It". Plods along in a nice way.

Cover Me with Kisses - 6,5
My least favourite out of the "Light Years" B-sides. It's repetitive and gets annoying, despite being "Koocachoo

If You Don't Love Me - 5,5
~ Great vocals, beautiful vocals...
This really drags for a 2 minute long track. I thought it would leave even earlier.

Password - 7
~ A sister to "Kochachoo" (which can also be said for "Cover Me with Kisses"). Can't say if it's better nor worse then it, though.


Say the Word - I'll Be There - 7,5
I have a soft-spot for this one. The melody during the verses is lovely, and even though it lacks in the production and lyrics department, it's not among the better PWL B-sides for me.

Getting Closer - 7,5
~ Kylie's best B-side of 80's. Not a big feat, but it's a very enjoyable cover.
"We Know the Meaning of Love" outlasting this one is a mess.

Dancing Queen - 8,5

Sometime Samurai - 6
~ Not too impressed by this. Sounds like it doesn't know whether to be a generic pop-rock or an experimental electronic tune. Rather forgettable.

We Know the Meaning of Love - 5,5
~ This is literally a different song set to a demo instrumental of "Enjoy Yourself" (the song). Definitely a good decision to leave this off the album, as it gets on my nerves a bit, especially that screamfest of the chorus. What are these notes?
This one ended up overrated (and turns out my prediction that this particular song will be a nightmare for @Verandi was correct)

Nothing Can Stop Us - 7

Baby - 8,5
~ I think this is my favourite "Fever" B-side. So catchy and enjoyable. That 'da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da...' hook is amazing and I'm surprised it didn't end up on the album.
This one ended up very underrated!

100 Degrees (It's Still Disco to Me) - 7,5
I gave the same score to the Christmas version of this song, but still think that this was a useless addition.

Devotion - 9
One of my favourite discoveries of the rate. You really did it dirty!

White Diamond (Ballad Version) - 7
Not the weakest "X" B-side, but not the strongest, either. Love her vocals here and the melody is pretty, despite being slightly boring.
Continuation (39-30):

Almost A Lover - 7,5
This one has sort of a whacky beat and stands out for that reason. The pre-chorus is my favourite part and it could've went a bit further here.

I Don't Know What It Is - 5,5
This is by far the weakest "X" B-side. Sounds like a reject "Impossible Princess" song set to a different production. Should've left before "White Diamond" for sure.

Cruise Control - 9
Underrated! Okay, it's essentially a Britney song, but I adore the melody and whacky beat. The best out of "Body Language" era B-sides.

Slo Motion - 7,5
Something about this one screams fan-favourite, so I'm surprised it got booted relatively early. The melody still doesn't click with me completely, but I dig the production

Love Is Waiting - 7,5
~ Doesn't really stand out, but it's very good. She's serving some vocals near the end and I'm liking that.
The disco influences of this one is possibly what made it go this far, and I don't disagree (it can get a bit annoying and too PWL at certain moments).

Go Hard or Go Home - 6,5
Some painfully dated elements made me lower its score. A generic bop that doesn't really have my attention.

King or Queen - 8
I thought this one would last longer, as there are a lot weaker songs that outlasted it. It's a great song, I really like the melody, as well as the production. The middle-8 breakdown is great, too.

Good Like That - 6,5
Mess at this one outlasting "Baby". I mean, it's a perfectly fine song, but very faceless and has nothing Kylie-esque about it.

Whenever You Feel Like It - 8
~ Very catchy and fun. I like the production and the 'warp' effect.
This one should've been in the top 30.

Ocean Blue - 8
Quite a shock for me, especially considering how high the inferior "Paper Dolls" ended up. I was sure this one would outlast it. It doesn't reach the highs I was hoping for, Kylie's vocals are gorgeous and I adore the melody of "Living and dreaming, always believing..." part.


Silence - 7
I can't recall anything about this one except that it's Kylie's last B-side. Re-listening to it, it's pretty good and enjoyable, despite being unremarkable. "Heartstrings" should've left at this point.

City Games - 8,5
Even though "Cruise Control" is slightly better in my opinion, I'm happy that this one became the winner of "Body Language" B-sides. That pre-chorus and chorus combo is amazing. Such a catchy and cool bop. With better production, it should've made the album instead of "Sweet Music".

This Girl - 7
~ Early sessions of "Impossible Princess" seem to have an interesting direction. The chorus is delightful, though the rest is forgettable.
A perfectly fine placement for this pleasant song.

Boy - 6,5
~ Pretty much a prelude to the much superior "Slow". Sounds surprisingly fresh to this day, but still misses the mark and ends up quite monotonous.
Surprised by this one going so far, but also not, considering it's similar to "Slow". I don't really care for it, to be honest.

The Other Boys (With Nervo, Jake Shears etc) - 6,5
~ This is pretty good, but I'm penalizing it a bit because Kylie is barely existent and the male vocal is annoying.
I agree with the commentary. Went too far in the rate.

Do You Dare? - 8
My highest score out of the PWL B-sides. They had this and decided to put "I Guess I Like It Like That" on the album? Mess. I like how relentlessly chaotic it is and the melodies are great, especially 'do you daaaaaaare...' hook. Hi-NRG bop.

Rippin' Up the Disco - 7,5
I can see why this one didn't make "X", since it sounds similar to "Like a Drug", but I think it's better than a good portion of the album and a grower. Very nicely done, despite not quite hitting the mark for me (it's a bit unnecessarily loud during the verses/pre-choruses). However, the chorus is the best part and "baby, if you think you're in me" may be one of my favourite melody passages of the whole era.

Take Me with You - 11
The low point of the rate. I'm still disgusted by this result. Not even top 20?! Awful. Not only I was certain this would outlast both "Tears" and "Love Takes Over Me", but thought it had a strong chance for a top 5 finish. This result truly is a disgrace.
This song was my only 11 contender - it's majestic. I mean, imagine releasing one of the best songs of your career and it's 9+ minutes long. Astounding. The stunning instrumental and production, those chanting vocals, that heavenly middle-8, the entire mysterious vibe. Such a journey of a song. By far the most underrated song of the rate.

Rendezvous at Sunset - 7
I literally forgot this one was still in. How random that it went so far, considering it didn't do well at all in the Parlophone rate. The production sounds similar to "More More More", so it would've been a filler on the album. The melody could've been better and more memorable, but I like the song.

B.P.M. - 7
Interesting to see that it stemmed during "Body Language" sessions - I definitely hear it in the verses. This is one of those songs that I enjoy, but think they could've been better given the production. The beat is great and rings back to her 90's 'rave phase'.
Forgot to say thank you to @Adora Day, @elektroxx and @Verandi for giving their tasteful 11's to "Take Me With You", as well as those who gave it a 10. Getting so many high scores is quite a feat.

Just two more rounds of this catching up (19-11):

Heartstrings - 6
~ Sounds like an unfinished demo, in all of its clunky production and verse repetition. Its score gets a deduction because of that.
Overrated. As the commentary says, for a song that repeats a verse and is basically a demo, I had to penalize it a bit. Otherwise, it's fine, but I just don't find it exciting the slightest. Plods along in a pleasant way and adds nothing new to the table.

In Denial - 5,5
Okay, the sentiment in the lyrics is there, but the song leaves me bored. I don't like the guy's vocals at all and Kylie brings a glimpse of goodness here. Didn't deserve to go this far.

Closer - 7
I totally expected this one to be the longest lasting PWL B-side. The production is great and I appreciate the more experimental route she went (just as in "Do You Dare?"), but the melody could've been stronger. I don't find it catchy enough to justify its heavy beat.

Magnetic Electric - 10
I heard this song while listening to Kylie's discography for the first rate and it's absolutely amazing. My only 10 in this rate and by far my favourite out of her post-2003 rarities. How this didn't end up on the standard album? The melody is just perfection, from the excitingly wavy verses to that bombastic chorus, whew. Gutted to see it out before top 10, I really thought it would go further.
Excellent 11 choice, @CasperFan!

Bette Davis Eyes - 6,5
What a mess that this unremarkable cover was rated higher than some of her best rarities. I really have nothing to say about the song, except that it's pleasant, overrated and... that's it.

Carried Away - 7,5
This one verges on being a filler (perhaps it is a filler), but it's actually great. Even though I may have overscored it a bit, because the verses aren't as good as I recall, the chorus and post-chorus are really good, and so is that breakdown before the middle-8. Basic and typical Kylie bop that went further than I expected.

Made in Heaven - 7
How the heck did this go so far? I'm not overly mad that it's way up here and the best rated B-side of her early era, but it's so damn random that a song with two 10's and three 2's outlasted several that got loads of full marks.
PWL stans won, I guess.

Crystalize - 8
~ There's something endearing about this that I really like.
Of course my favourite "Kiss Me Once" rarity bows out first. Should've been in the top 10 out of the remaining songs here. The comment above basically says it all - this made me go 'aww' upon first listen, despite being a safe and generic song for Kylie. The twinkling piano, synths and sweet vocals made me very much enjoy it, though I totally get the 'overly saccharine' criticism it gets.

Mighty Rivers - 7
I kinda have it in the same basket as "Heartstrings", but this one is more full-fleshed than it, instantly boosting its score. A very nice mid-tempo moment.
I wasn't impressed nor too happy with this top 10, but at least some of the best songs of the rate made it to top 5.

And, finally (10-1):

Paper Dolls - 7
Looks like I was in good mood while scoring this one, considering I was sure it received a sub-7 score from me. What some of you said about "Crystalize", I have the same for this song - it's overly sacharrine for my liking. Then again, it's quite enjoyable and nicely produced, so I can't say much negative about it. I'm surprised that it went so far, especially considering "Ocean Blue" was eliminated so early.

Golden Boy - 6
~ She really didn't have to repeat the chorus a hundred of times.
Yeah, if this one wasn't so repetitive (basically after 1:30 mark she just repeats the chorus a bunch of times), it would've received a higher score. Perhaps I underscored it a tiny bit, but I still think it didn't deserve to reach top 10. The melody is cute.

Do It Again - 6,5
Contrary to the popular opinion, one of my least favourite "X" B-sides/rarities. I find it overrated. The chorus is too disorientating and the rest doesn't stand out much, despite the song being good for the most part.

Made of Glass - 6
I generally am not a fan of whispering/talking/rapping in songs and this one is no exception. I just find it monotonous and boring, especially with the production/instrumental being the same from first to last second. There are definitely good parts ('love makes the world go round...' part), although I'm not impressed at all. But, okay, I guess anything Xenomania-related improves the song's scores here.

Tears - 6
Very overrated. Devastated to see how far apart "Take Me with You" and this one are. By far my least favourite rarity of this era. Furthermore, this is worse than anything I've heard from "Impossible Princess" sessions. Yeah, the production and breakdown are great, but I can't with her vocals being so annoying, especially during the verses. Glad that "Limbo" (which I gave a 10 in the previous rate) aced this urgent feel.

Skirt - 8
I like that this experimental (for Kylie's standards) tune got the attention here. I love the chorus, or whatever is that "tonight be my supernova..." part is. While it's definitely a bop, I have to be in the right mood for it, hence the score not being higher. It's a bit dated, too, but who cares.

Love Takes Over Me - 8,5
This should've been in the top 3. Very dramatic and effective. The production is so good, I always picture that laser beam photoshoot when listening to it. I can see why they left it off "Impossible Princess", because it doesn't necessarily bring anything new sonically. I'd love if it had been included on the album, though, since it's better than about half of the album.

Sparks - 7
Definitely not the song I saw picking a fight and almost snatching the runner-up spot. The demo-ish production and the way her vocals are so high pitched during the chorus doesn't really make this one too appealing. I like the chanting, but it could've better executed.

Cherry Bomb - 9
This is so fun. My second favourite "X" B-side and my favourite song that made it to the top 10. Loving all the melodies, especially the pre-chorus and chorus. The production is also all sorts of amazing, but the song doesn't fully land on the 10/10 mark. Still, this is excellent for a B-side.

Tightrope - 8,5
I had no greater preference between this top 2, so I was fine with either song winning. Knowing that this one is a firm fan-favourite, I didn't exactly expect that it would run away with a victory, though it's definitely reasonable why it did. The production here is pure delight. For sure among the best ones from that aspect. The verses carry a hint of melancholy, which is my favourite part of tge song, and Kylie's vocals are crystal-clear. However, I've yet to warm up to the chorus - something about the melody doesn't really click with me. Nonetheless, it's a great song without any doubt.

Despite not being quite ideal, I can say that we have settled on a relatively deserving winner. I'm pretty sure it's in my personal top 15 (possibly top 10) of this rate, so it's nothing to scoff at.

I promise with the final part of this thing I'll make sure to use all commentary submitted. I'm excited to see if people's opinions have differed since 2016, also how DISCO will fare?!
Don't worry, you did a fantastic job. And I'm sure that late voters (like me, for example) definitely add to the commentary, stats etc. being tricky to manage.
Perhaps it's too early to ask, but I presume that the results of the songs from "DISCO" won't officially count in the Anti rate, right? I'm thinking like those Christmas songs were scattered across the rate based on their average scores (i.e. without numeration).

I'm excited for the third part of the rate - going to start listening to the songs today or tomorrow in order to be familiar with them before the thread opens.
Perhaps it's too early to ask, but I presume that the results of the songs from "DISCO" won't officially count in the Anti rate, right? I'm thinking like those Christmas songs were scattered across the rate based on their average scores (i.e. without numeration).

I'm excited for the third part of the rate - going to start listening to the songs today or tomorrow in order to be familiar with them before the thread opens.

Yeah, I will reveal them alongside the Anti Rate. I'll also reveal where they would've placed in the full rate.
That's me just finished this rate, i knew from the get go that Tightrope was gonna win this. In the 30+ years of being a Kylie fan 1 thing I've never got is the universal love for Tightrope. I mean, I don't dislike it, it's a nice song but absolutely nothing special. I've listened to it so much trying to figure out what I'm missing but I just don't get it. It just sounds very mediocre to me.

Cherry Bomb and Sparks on the other hand...AMAZING!!

As soon as I heard about this rate I instantly knew my 11 would be one of the 3 Wow b sides, honestly 3 of my all time favourite Kylie songs. TBH I find it really hard to choose a favourite so ended up going for Do It Again in the end but all 3 are Fire.
In the ANTIcipation (see what I did there?) of the upcoming rate, I continued listening for the songs in order to get familiar with them before the rate opens.
@P'NutButter, I noticed that a few of the songs which would fit into the Anti rate concept aren't in the song list:

First of them is "Still Your Face Comes Shining Through", an unreleased collaboration with Nick Cave. It was even included in the previous anti rate where it ended up dead last:

This would slot right between "Love Is on the Line" and "You're the One" in the song list.

Then, the original version of "Boombox" (I know that the remix was already included in this rate, but I'm geing by the logic of rating a "Confide in Me" remix here, just in reverse):

And just so we can piss off @Verandi and @SlowGinFizzzz cater to the PWL Kylie fans, perhaps this duet with Dannii (seemingly recorded in a studio) can be included, too:

Finally, if we want to be very extra, "Matesong" is also there and perfectly serviceable for this rate:

I think that should be it. Also, adding these four would make a total of 70 songs and I have a thing for rounded numbers in rates.