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Kylie - the Fever album

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by HoochieKylie, Nov 23, 2007.

  1. HoochieKylie

    HoochieKylie Guest

    Bliss. Discuss.
  2. Fever is great, but in my opinion Body Language has better songs...
  3. Fever is a great album, but Light Years for me is her ultimate masterpiece, and I personally think Body Language is slightly better than Fever.
  4. Loved Fever, there were some great singles on there, but it's a bit over long to sit through in one go. For consistency, Light Years was much better. The title track, On A Night Like This, Disco Down, Bittersweet Goodbye in particular remain stand outs.

    I thought Body Language was terrible. Not a good song to be had.
  5. moorje

    moorje Guest

    Love Affair should have been a single instead of In Your Eyes. And screams to be performed live!
  6. I agree that Light Years is much better than Fever and Body Language.

    I remember when Light Years came out... it was so EXCITING, because it meant that Kylie was doing great pop again...
  7. HoochieKylie

    HoochieKylie Guest

    Body Language was the worst thing Kylie's ever done.
  8. I dont think BL was terrible at all - admittedly when I first got it I think I played it 3 times before abandoning it for many months before coming back to it and realising its actually pretty impressive although there is considerable filler - "Promises", "Obsession", "Someday" - the B-Sides were very good and I really I cant understand why "Cruise Control" and "City Games" werent included. That said i LOVE "Sweet Music", "After Dark" and "Still Standing". It would have easy for her to do something in similar vein to Fever, but Im glad she boldly showed diversity, and the imagery and artistery for the BL era was possibly her best IMO.

    Light Years...ahh now that album is awesome, but again wasnt without is problems. "Please Stay" (lovely as it is) should never have been single, but we all know that already. "Butterfly", "Light Years", "Your Disco Needs You" and "Disco Down" seem to me as the absolute standouts of the album (and the general fan favourites) yet none of them were singles - what a waste!
  9. Fever is the quintessential Kylie disc. However, I am, make that astonished that "Tightrope" was never included on the disc proper and that "Your Love" was never made into a single.

    There are so many positives about this cd that it makes me dizzy trying to discuss it.
  10. BachelorNo2

    BachelorNo2 Guest

    Impossible Princess eclipses the lot.
  11. 'Fever' has come great moments, but I too prefer 'Light Years' - it's a criminal offence neither Butterfly or Your Disco Needs You were singles.

    'Fever' is deffo. a step towards credibility on Kylie's part, it's probably the coolest she's ever been. Never liked More More More, Give It To Me or Come Into My World, but everything else is great stuff.

    'Body Language' is about 50% good; the singles, plus Secret, Still Standing and Promises were all fine tracks.

    I've been denied 'X' until Christmas so I can only hope it's a leap back towards the 2000/2001 sound.
  12. Fever was breathaking at the time
    But still, had a few songs that I didn't like
    'Give it to me', springs to mind
    I recently discovered the appeal of Your Love
    What a beautiful song!
    While it wasen't till after Fever I got Light Years, I do prefer Light Years AND Body Language(Shock*Horror!)
    I agree the artistry was immense for BL
    And i don't mind her raspy seductive tone in it too!
    Sorry Fever...
  13. I like Fever but I do prefer Light Years, it just has something more gloriously pop about it. I found Fever a bit samey in places.

    Also, join the love for Tightrope. I can't believe this was only a B-Side - I found it after someone on her recommended it ages ago. Deserving of bonus track at least, it's so effortlessly lovely
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