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L Devine - Peer Pressure

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Laceycasey, Jul 9, 2017.

  1. Do you have an album coming next year cause it's getting about that time sis.
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  2. I wish Warner UK would let us have it!
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  3. I'm worried about her honestly. Nothing she's doing seems to be properly connecting at all.

    I wonder what the strategy (if there is one) for her 2021 is. She's clearly a hard worker but it feels like there's no vision for her whatsoever.
  4. Its a lovely rendition but some of the vocals are so flat?
  5. Cool but another "project" though instead of an "album".
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  6. I just want 7 or more new songs to be honest! But most of the 2019/2020 singles are too great to be orphaned.

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  8. New music out soon. I’m guessing we’re getting Girls Like Sex on May 26th?

    EP tracklist:

  9. Poor Peachy Keen and Boring People! She literally could have included them, tacked on the collabs and called this an album!

    Anyway excited for new music.
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  10. Oh wait perhaps she's saving them for the album?

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  11. I don't know which song this is for but her reaction is very cute.
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  13. One of the best things Anne-Marie’s ever been apart of!
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