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La Roux - Supervision (3rd Album / Singles)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by The Art Installation, Oct 14, 2019.

  1. The album's fine. After 5-6 years away you do expect some kind of progression or departure, or a slight twist on the sound that an artist is known for, which hasn't happened here. It's basically Trouble in Paradise, Pt. 2 which is alright despite being slightly disappointing as a follow-up coming all this time later. If you like La Roux, or that album in particular, there'll be something here for you, though I suspect it isn't going to be critically lauded and her comments about Ellie Goulding's boring music may come back to bite her.
  2. She's always been sour and rude. Why pick on another FLOP anyway.
  3. I'm genuinely fascinated by how cheap-sounding, repetitive, & dull this album is on first listen. I'm laughing at how every song has the same tempo.
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  4. I don’t mind an artist releasing three albums in quick succession with little to no change in their sound, but to not evolve/change your sound after 11 years is either lazy or shows they are a one trick pony.
  5. Automatic Driver is the one here, with the radio edit of Gullible Fool being pretty great too.

    Heartbroken over how little this record has grabbed me after a first listen, the first two albums are basically a part of my DNA at this point so I was excited for this despite all the red flags. Massively underwhelmed by Supervision. See you in 2026 for the next one!
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  6. International Woman of Leisure and Gullible Fool are some of the highlights. Otherside is good. 21st Century is cute. I am not impressed with other songs.

    I don't get why she wasn't able to evolve and make better album. The album has only 8 songs, was it that hard to make it better and more interesting? The tempo of all songs is similar and some stuff sound like demos. It is like a collection of outtakes from Trouble in Paradise. Now, I think that even some songs on Trouble in Paradise have demo-esque feel.

    I am not really disappointed, but I expected more. I am glad she delivered a new album and I really like the mentioned songs.
  7. Fuck this is so bad. This is why labels are good for most people. Quality control!
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  8. Since this is unfortunately pretty monotonous, I’m going to go back and discover the bonus tracks from the debut era. Haven’t heard Saviour before, I’ve got Sidetracked, any idea where I can get my hands on a copy of LazerProof? I’ve never been able to find it

    Edit: are there any good remixes on the Gold Edition of the debut? And is “Finally My Saviour” the final title of Saviour, since it was changed?

    Also, Best Of It and Mister Natural are better than most of the album. And I had no idea Finally existed, I wonder why it wasn’t on the Gold Edition
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  9. She really went there and said threw in the whole “people can label themselves as anything” bullshit people come out with when it comes to not misgendering non binary people
  10. Some of this would have been okay as an EP extension of her last album for a Q4 2014 rerelease. But as a new album six years later? No.
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  11. She’s entitled to her opinions and makes some very good points.
  12. And what would those “good points” you speak of be exactly?
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  13. It’s very much an extension of the last album but it’s not a terrible thing given how good the last album was.
  14. aux


    Fucking yikes.
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  15. Based on her new songs sounding like when shops don't have the money to play music so they get a CD full of soundsalikes that try to recreate the songs, and that recent interview, I'm pressing cancel. What a tool.
  16. So is this the first official nominee for "Had it, lost it in 2020?"
  17. Nooooooo
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  18. I was gonna say this sounds like when Spice Girls or Gaga were big so every country got their own crap versions, this is like a cheap greek La Roux knock off album.
  19. I can hear the bass guitar in the background but I hear no Bass, who mixed this?
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