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La Roux - Supervision (3rd Album / Singles)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by The Art Installation, Oct 14, 2019.

  1. I really don’t think the album was that bad. It was a reduction in quality and probably disappointing to anyone that was properly waiting all that time... but I like Automatic Driver, Do You Feel, I.W.O.L... it’s biggest problems we’re the vocals sometimes being a bit (Umm?) screechy and the production being quite samey.
  2. With enough time I can finally admit this album is mediocre at best. "Automatic Driver" is an immense song and worthy of a much better album!
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  3. Get her in the studio with Joe Metronomy/Hot Chip/etc for a bit of a rebrand, please. It was possibly a blessing in disguise that she didn't get to tour this or do much promo for it, but the press reviews were fairly decent overall. There's definitely still some goodwill there for her if she's willing to be smart about positioning herself next time around.
  4. I haven’t checked out her album yet, but Softee is a La Roux stan and it shows! This song is enormous.
  5. I still kinda like this nn. Like objectively I can agree it's not very good, but it works well as background music for me.
  6. well............ i'm still waiting for her third album ddd
  7. The fact that "Uptight Downtown" wasn't a UK Number One for 12 weeks straight still irks me so much. What. A. Song.
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  8. or that Sexotheque and Tropical Chancer weren't singles but Kiss And Not Tell (which I love also) was.

    I certainly don't hate this album as much as some on here, Automatic Driver and Gullible Fool wonderful. It's just the production, I've never heard an album where I can honestly say all the songs sound exactly the same.
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