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La Roux - Tigerlily (US Second Single) + (Uk's 5th Single??)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by upu, Jul 15, 2010.

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    It always amuses me when people accidentally use 'defiantly' instead of 'definitely'. Though in this case it seems bizarrely apt.
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    Are you sure? On the Billboard website it says:


    Unless plans have, for some odd reason, changed (which would be ridiculous, In For The Kill is far more likely to do well).
  3. SBK


    Re: La Roux - Tigerlily (5th Single)

    Well I asked her manager this morning and they said it was.
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    If the video is as dark as Frozen, it will be amazing. Although why she isn't releasing Under My Thumb to coincide with the sidetracked compilation is bizarre.
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    It looks like this could very well be her best video yet. I like that they're not giving up on this album and moving on to the next one.
  6. SBK


    Re: La Roux - Tigerlily (5th Single)

    They are moving onto the next one though, they'll be recording it later this year, whilst releasing from the debut in America.
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    Seems a waste of a single to me.
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    By far the only song I love on their album. The video has the pedigree to be insane.
  9. Re: La Roux - Tigerlily (5th Single)

  10. upu


    Re: La Roux - Tigerlily (5th Single)

    Ohh... I though 'In For The Kill' will be the next in the us (she said it a few weeks ago).

    Do you know if it will be a single in the uk??
    I think the need to push the album sales.
    Didn't it sold only like 200K?? Thats really low and disappointing.
  11. That's fab, but I do agree it would have had the attention it deserves if it had been released earlier. It's a brilliant track, though, so having a video--and maybe even a decent chart spot--to go with it will be gratifying.
  12. upu


    Ok,so according to this artice from DigitalSpy - 'Tigerlily' will be the fifth single in the uk but no word about the us release.
    + The album sold over 350K in uk.

  13. SBK


    It definitely isn't being released in the UK, I work for her management company, and the next single in the UK will be off the next album that they're going to be recording later this year.
  14. In for the Kill / Tigerlily... 2nd/ 3rd/5th single... blah blah. Let's wait until the actual release and then see.
    My personal opinion is that not releasing IFTK in the US would be a massive mistake.
  15. I'd have to agree on that one. I love Tigerlily, but in terms of mass success, especially in the US, I have a hard time imagining that it has more potential than In For The Kill. Either way, they would both be a great breath of fresh air in the American charts.
  16. Maybe they're trying to appeal to a different audience who can't stand her high pitched voice with a(n amazing) song featuring easier on the ears vocals?

    Anyway, Tigerlily is brilliant and I'm just glad it's getting a video and some attention.
  17. Ideally this should've been released right after "Bulletproof". Happy with the decision yet it seems so pointless to release it now. Surely it won't shift anymore album copies than "Bulletproof" did. The video looks sick.
  18. I agree that this should have been the next single after Bulletproof instead of I'm not your toy. I'm looking forward to seeing the video, although if it is only released in the USA, will we still get to see it?
  19. That's odd. They seemed to be decided on In For The Kill as second single in the US only recently. Seems like more of a "hit" to me. (Maybe cos it is actually a hit)
  20. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    Unfortunately not. Someone needs to invent some kind of system where content can be distributed worldwide, electronically.
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