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La Roux - Trouble In Paradise (Second Album & Singles)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by SpanishEyes, Nov 28, 2011.

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  1. I literally only discovered it this morning.

    Also, can we acknowledge how brilliant Tutti Frutti with New Order is?
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  2. Guest member

    Guest member Guest

    Yes, "Tutti Frutti" is incredible. This jam is pretty amazing too:

    I wish she would collaborate with other artists more often, but in my mind she's very selective about whom she works with.

  3. Iconic.
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  4. Sam


    I really couldn’t get into the vibe of Trouble in Paradise when it first came out, but I’m listening through now and wow. It’s everything I never knew I needed.
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  5. She's also very selective about releasing her own stuff!
  6. Had no idea about the collaboration either. Thanks for sharing!
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  7. Cruel Sexuality remains my favourite song from her last album, that break down in the middle...
    I've been listening to the album a fair bit recently and it all still sounds so fresh.
  8. I loved everything on the last album except the last track!
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  9. She lives in my area and I see her sporadically gliding down the street.

    She always looks amazing & stunning as if she just stepped out of a Bowie video.

    I am desperate for a new album
  10. It's pretty apparent I'm a rather big fan of her last record so thank so much for posting the collaboration! It felt so good to hear her voice on something new again. As the weather gets warmer I'll soon enter my phase of listening to Trouble in Paradise in full on repeat all the time
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  11. Sam


    Ugh, 2:40 in Let Me Down Gently is such a fucking moment. It gives me actual chills.
  12. It's when Peter says the song changes gear. It always works, just like Katy B's Crying or Indiana's Solo Dancing.
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  13. LTG


    When I'm in the mood, Trouble in Paradise hits a spot so well.
  14. SMG


    I caught half of her set at Glastonbury the summer after Trouble in Paradise came out and, phew, she killed it. Let Me Down Gently is that track.
  15. Let Me Down Gently is easily one of my favorite songs of all time.
  16. Why it takes her so long to release something new?
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  17. Well she had issues with her partner leaving so she was on her own making Trouble In Paradise.
    To be honest the wait was so long and painful between albums I’ve accepted Trouble as her final album, and what an album.

    Worth noting Florence released Lungs pretty much at the same time as La roux’s debut, she’s about to release her 4th album.
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  18. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Easily their best song. A moment.

  19. I slept on this during 2014, but rediscovered this due to Spotify’s daily playlist. Pure joy throughout
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  20. My favourite track from the first album is As If By Magic and when it comes to the second one it is Sexotheque.
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