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La Roux - Trouble In Paradise (Second Album & Singles)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by SpanishEyes, Nov 28, 2011.

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  1. This album is still amazing, but specially Sexoteque. THAT CHORUS. It really deserved a video at the very least
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  2. As If By Magic definitely has grown on me immensely over time especially as some of the other songs on that album have diminished. I remember it being a proper moment live
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  3. How y’all feel about Cruel Sexuality? It’s prob my favorite track on the album.
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  4. listening to the "in for the kill (lifelike remix" and remembering the times when they only had two singles featured on kitsune... thought quicksand/in for the kill are to date their biggest double punch (musically and visually).

    anyway... hope she manages to put something out in the future
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  5. Best song on the album, I love when the track wonders off halfway through.
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  6. Cover My Eyes was my heartbreak song back in 09.
  7. Sam


    Tigerlily still goes off. I remember tweeting her saying it should have been a single and replied saying “I think so too.” I died a little
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  8. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    The debut is still so strong! I think the singles are great, but Colourless Colour and Reflections Are Protection are perfection!
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  9. It really should have been the 3rd single instead of I'm Not Your Toy. Fascination had radio potential too.
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  10. Reflections Are Protection always seemed more like a SEB song (a very good one) for some reason ... I remember having the original version from MySpace on a 92kbps mp3 which seemed even more so ...

    As If By Magic and Armour Love gave me a musical feeling I don’t think I’ve ever felt again on first hearing them (downloaded at 10.30pm one random weeknight , I remember not being able to sleep from the adrenaline rush) …
  11. It’s so strange Kiss And Not Tell was given the single treatment over Sexoteque. It’s clearly a stand out single.
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  12. Iconic.
  13. Ugh, I love this video. The style, colours, the mood, tropicana kitsch that would come back the next album. Even though it is low budget, it perfectly accompanies the song.

    Both albums are great. Trouble in Paradise is much more mature, well executed, Elly's voice better utilized... pretty much a modern day masterpiece. Cruel Sexuality is the one here. Their debut has a lot more bops though, but the production is lacking. And though as much as I love her, sometimes her voice is a bit too much to have on for 45 minutes. For the debut, As If by Magic and Colourless Colour are It.

    I always want to go full on redhead too whenever I see her.
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  14. I find it funny that the debut was super loud and compressed while the second album seemed to be mastered at a below average volume. Queen of no middle ground when it comes to levels.
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  15. quicksand is till today my absolute favorite. the video is also just stunning.

    i will never understand how they ended with such a "meh" albumcover for the debut after having such good visuals in the videos.
  16. Another Sidetracked would be amazing now I think. Those re-works are pure perfection.
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  17. Sexotheque, as I've mentioned a million times before, will never NOT be a BOP.

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  18. Sexotheque is a masterpiece. This album is a masterpiece. Something about this particular track gets me so emotional, especially those final choruses.
  19. The hot weather in the UK has made me revisit this album quite a bit, I even found the vinyl boxset relativity cheap on Ebay. The record really captures the mood of a heatwave of weather and of love.
  20. Watched the Bataclan performance again today. Still shook by how much better the songs from Trouble in Paradise sound live, particularly Cruel Sexuality.

    I am still hopeful there'll be a new album in 2018. I'm optimistically viewing the fact that the instagram/twitter/website hasn't been updated for so long means prepping for a promotional period...
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