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La Roux - Trouble In Paradise (Second Album & Singles)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by SpanishEyes, Nov 28, 2011.

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  1. Sam


    This came from Genius, which isn’t the most reliable of sources. But hopefully it’s true.
  2. I don’t know why, but I’m getting an iffy vibe from the artwork, but then 8 tracks is something that she would give us after how many years away #torn

    last track is ‘gullible fool’ lol....

    Track 4 could also be a complete troll haha
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  3. It's real - Amazon has the CD and vinyl listed (the CD seems to come with a patch and the vinyl is white):

  4. relieved!
  5. They are new photos, no?

    Edit: There we go.
  6. WAIT

    could this mean a single is imminent?!

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  7. Sam


    Thursday I think
  8. Her albums are always so short, we're in the streaming age damn it.

    Genius says lead single will be released on the 17th of October. New music friday can't come soon enough
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  9. Not such colourful artwork being pressed onto beige vinyl ddd
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  10. Only 8 tracks? I hope that they are as good as Sexotheque.

    Love that cover!
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  11. She would have absolutely been able to live off Bulletproof alone over the past few years. It's been on tonnes of adverts, movies, TV and radio. I wouldn't be surprised if it funded this new album.

    The cover is... a choice.
  12. Getting full Trouble in Paradise 2 vibes from everything so I can’t WAIT.
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  13. LTG


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  14. You can be completely right. I once watched an interview with one of my favourite Polish singers and she revealed that she was able to live a good life thanks to just one song so...
  15. Going off-topic but which singer are you referring to?

    I'm so excited for new music from La Roux - yeah 8 tracks seem too short however I believe they will be nothing short of excellent. Love the cover art - it immediately grabs your attention, the colours are striking and she's serving there!
  16. Kasia Stankiewicz - when she was in a band called Varius Manx she wrote a song called Orla Cien which became one of the most famous Polish songs.

    I have just read that she produced this album all by herself. Maybe that is why it took her so long?
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  17. The cover is giving me "no budget to do the usual high quality 80s visuals so this filter on one of my headshots will do".
  18. Oh wow, exciting! Maybe some of the 8 tracks will be lengthy a la Silent Partner / Let Me Down Gently?
  19. The album cover looks absolutely boring but yay!
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