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  1. I want to begin this thread with 2016 Ladies' Code comebacks.

    In February 2016, Ladies' Code made comeback as three (Ashley, Sojung and Zuny).
    It was single album "Myst3ry" with title track "Galaxy".

    Other songs on album are "My Flower" and "Chaconne" (fan MV with lyrics).
    Album preview.
    Album project was led by Jaden Jeong (who we know by work with LOONA, Lovelyz and others). Album has BlockBerry Creative label on it (0:10-0:13 here), among others.
    Songs are by MonoTree (list of works). MV is directed by Jo Beom-jin (VM Project Architecture),
    (list of some works).
    "Galaxy" behind the scenes:

    "Galaxy" choreography was created by Kim Hwa-young (JYP. Created choreos for Wonder Girls and miss A).
    Some of V live streams that were made in that time:
    Also in 2019 MonoTree (again, music and lyrics in whole album are by MonoTree) released two videos(video1, video2) , discussing "Galaxy".
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  2. iTunes

    Some social:

    Ladies' Code (Twitter polaris_lc, Instagram ladiescode_official,
    LADIES' CODE, Facebook
    Ashley (Twitter LC__Ashley, Instagram ashleybchoi, YouTube Ashley B Choi)
    Sojung (Twitter LC__Sojung, Instagram,
    소정의 선물 SOJUNG (SOJUNG'S GIFT), Facebook Lee Sojung)
    Zuny (Twitter LC__zuny, Instagram zuny_l___l)

    Fan Cafe

    V Live channel

    Speaking of Ladies' Code V Live,

    incomplete V Live list (most of listed videos are with english subtitles, I also added some without subs (will write about videos with no eng subs in description ):
    From what I've watched, atm I especially recommend videos marked with "!" (but there are hours and hours of interesting videos in Ladies' Code V Live channel not included in this
    list and included )

    about comeback with "Galaxy":

    ! 2016 intro
    "안녕, 기다렸어" (title is "Galaxy" lyrics "annyeong gidaryeosseo" (Hi, I’ve waited for you))
    Ladies' Code 3rd anniversary (about "Galaxy")
    "Zuny's Clean House" (english subtitles for most part. tips on cleaning and more)
    ! "Ashley's Shining Beauty Shlon" ("Shlon" in title is wordplay, which mixed "beauty salon" and part of Ashley name, 슐(syul). Beauty, fashion tips and (spoiler:)
    crazy ending. Also special guest is style director Lee Jinkyu (information from subtitles), who worked with Ladies' Code since 2014 and Sojung and Zuny also will join the broadcast.

    ! DJ So (part1, part2) (part1 was with some connection difficulties. "So" in title is Sojung. About singing.)
    "English broadcast" (about "Galaxy")

    "The Rain" promotions:

    "Busan" (on Haeundae Beach in Busan)
    "Secret date with 'shley" (no english subs. Backstage episode.)
    ! "by Han River" (episode near Han River)
    ! "in Jeju" (Jeju (Jeju is island, one of most southern parts of South Korea) , Dongmun Market episode, food etc.)
    ! "We play in the rest area" (rest area, or rest stop. Playing claw machine, food etc.)
    ! "We play well in our rest area" (other episode) (no english subs, rest area, playing "Seven Moles", baseball, basketball)
    ! "Office of concern counselor Sojung" (Sojung is our counselor and answers questions)
    ! "Pepero" ("Pepero" is cookie stick by Lotte, also this V live episode is filmed on November 11, which is 11/11 and "Pepero" cookie sticks resemble shape of "1", so it is Pepero Day (link1, link2). Episode is about making custom Pepero (dipping in chocolate, and decorating with various ingredients).
    Later, these handmade Pepero were given to fans. )

    After "The Rain" promotions:

    Ladies' Code 4th anniversary amusement park mukbang (mukbang)
    Orgel (Music Box) Live (full version)
    (includes also
    "Energetic" (Wanna One) cover
    "Treat you better" (Shawn Mendes) cover (these three songs are with no subtitles)

    "Christmas Special Cover" ("My Grown Up Christmas List"(Kelly Clarkson) cover, "Last Christmas" (Ariana Grande version of Wham! / George Michael song) cover )

    Sojung "Stay Here" promotions:

    These "Darkness LIVE" episodes actually were released from February to October,
    "Sojung. Darkness LIVE" (partially subtitled? )
    "Sojung. Darkness LIVE 2"
    most episodes in these "Darkness LIVE" series are without eng subs:
    "Sojung. Darkness LIVE 11" (eng subs)
    "Sojung. Darkness LIVE 15" (eng subs)

    " "Stay Here" stage debut" (no eng subs)
    "Ladies' Code debut 5th anniversary <CODE # R3BORN>" (no eng subs. It is fanmeeting. There was a plan for Ladies' Code to release three connected albums beginning with February 2016. Two albums were "Myst3ry" (with title track "Galaxy") and "Strang3r" (with title track "The Rain"). For yet unknown reasons, third album was cancelled, and March 7 2018 fanmeeting was declared to be third part of this project, instead of album. While this link above provides some information, it is more complex question and we don't know enough probably. )

    "I'm Lee Sojung" series (no eng subs, teaser and 3 episodes,
    Sojung reality show series)

    "Zuny's 'Just Do It!'" (Zuny's reality show series , 4 episodes). First two episodes are with english subtitles, on YouTube: 1, 2

    After "Stay Here"

    "Late lunch. Healthy mukbang" (Ashley. This video is with eng subs, but its sequel is not )

    Ashley "Here We Are" promotions

    "Dance practice w. Ash" (This video is with eng subs, but its sequel is not)
    "HOW TO Dance Ashley's Voguing Dance" (probably clip from above)
    "Mission challenge with Ladies' Code"
    Ashley in "Rooftop Live"
    (includes Ashley singing
    "How Far I'll Go" ("Moana" OST) cover

    Ashley "HERE WE ARE" M/V (Dance Ver.)
    "2018 Office of concern counselor Sojung 2" (no eng subs)
    Ashley reality - "WHO AM I" (Ashley reality show, 2 episodes, no eng subs)
    "HERE WE ARE! Ashley in Yeongdeok-gun!" (music video , no eng subs)

    After "HERE WE ARE"

    Sojung's vocal lesson <1> (no eng subs)
    Sojung's vocal lesson <2> (eng subs)
    Sojung's vocal lesson <3> (eng subs)
    Lavely. What are you doing this weekend?
    Sojung. Random game.
    GO GO Gwangju (Gwangju is city, where Zuny was born, so I suggest that it can be this Gwangju city in
    Let's play with Sojung

    "THE LAST HOLIDAY" related



    "Sojung's Gift. Let's be together ~" (probably related to Sojung's YouTube channel)
    Sojung. Special Live Show!!!
    Sojung. Special Live Show!!! (continued)
    LC Diary (series of more than 80 mini episodes, no eng subs in those that I have watched )

    LC Diary #12 (Zuny is singing)
    LC Diary #15 (Ashley is playing piano (from 0:40), and this music is Yiruma "Indigo")
    LC Diary #32 (Ashley's sunglasses collection)

    "FEEDBACK" promotions

    "FEEDBACK" promo album review by Sojung (no english subtitles)
    SBS MTV THE SHOW, on the way out (from 0:00 and also from 10:53-14:10)

    After "FEEDBACK"

    this tweet and LC Diary #66 (Ashley cover dance. I think LC Diary link has
    better video quality, but twitter link is full version and includes
    LC Diary #79 (chips)

    "SET ME FREE" and after

    grocery shopping (no english subtitles)
    2019 finish! (partial english subtitles)

    Again, hours of videos, and all V lives with english subtitles are probably in this list. There are some interesting V lives without eng subs, not in list and some in it.
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  3. After "Galaxy" release.

    "30Shorts Relay Video" series (each is like 1.5 minutes long ) (I've seen somewhere comparison of these with LOONA TV, as predecessor of LOONA TV,
    comparison is based among other factors on sounds used and also it is possible that same people could be involved)
    (no english subs, but it is good without)

    30Shorts Relay Video #2
    30Shorts Relay Video #3
    30Shorts Relay Video #4
    30Shorts Relay Video #5

    (check this one, if you cannot all 6)

    Sojung was in reality television singing competition for vocalists "Girl Spirit".


    Here is solo photoshoot with all 12 contestants of "Girl Spirit".

    In order of photos:

    Bohyung (SPICA), Hyemi (Fiestar), Sojung (Ladies' Code)
    Uji (BESTie), Soyeon (LABOUM), Kei (Lovelyz)
    Minjae (SONAMOO), Seunghee (CLC), Seunghee (Oh My Girl)
    Jinsol (April), Dawon (WJSN), Sungyeon (PRISTIN/ Pledis Girlz)

    So it is reality show with full episodes somewhere, also short clips exist, atm I want to show this one below.
    While it was competition with one vocalist from each group, sometimes they were joined by group members,
    and this time it was episode with contestants paired, and joined by group members,
    so it is team stage of Sojung (with Ashley and Zuny) and Seunghee (Oh My Girl, with YooA and Mimi)

    Also audio studio version.
    "Girl Spirit" show made contestants closer to each other and Sojung continues to interact with them.

    Stayed Up All Night (밤샜지) (Yuk Ji Dam (육지담 ) , Prod. by ZICO, from "Unpretty Rapstar") cover in Surpris3 party:
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  4. "The Rain" and some time after

    In October 2016, Ladies' Code made second comeback in that year.
    It was extended play "Strang3r" with title track "The Rain".

    Other songs on album are "Lorelei" and "Jane Doe".

    Album again has BlockBerry Creative label on it (0:18-0:21 here), among others. (like "Myst3ry" album (in first post))

    Songs are by MonoTree (again, like on "Myst3ry" album (in first post)), with one exception: "The Rain" title song had music co-composed by MonoTree
    (I think Hwang Hyun (from MonoTree) was main composer because he is first in song writing credits), and OREO. "The Rain" lyrics are by MonoTree, like in other songs on this album and on Myst3ry album.

    "The Rain" MV is directed by Digipedi, (list of some works).
    We know, that Digipedi produced half of Ladies' Code MVs and most of LOONA MVs, so Digipedi already collaborated with the company with Polaris and BBC in it from 2013.

    "The Rain" behind the scenes:

    Also I want to show this mashup of
    "The Rain" with the music from Tinashe ft. Chris Brown - Player:

    Corresponding V live streams:
    (While I'm fan of Ladies' Code and LOONA)
    EP "Strang3r" with "The Rain" was released on October 13, 2016 and on October 5, 2016 LOONA HeeJin "HeeJin" single album with "ViViD" was released, almost simultaneously.
    It was first LOONA release and after it entire LOONA discography till 2019 "Butterfly" was released.
    Next Ladies' Code comeback as group after "The Rain"? May 2019 "FEEDBACK", after "Butterfly".

    so at least one Ladies' Code comeback during that time was planned, but was cancelled.
    Also, while it may or may not be connected, in 2019 MonoTree revealed, that original of LOONA HyunJin "Around You" was song for Ladies' Code,
    but was given to LOONA.

    also here.

    HyunJin "Around You" final version, and said original version (HyunJin sang it in LOONAVERSE concert) link1, link2.

    December 1, 2016 and "Chicago" OST "All that jazz" on Musical Live:
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  5. Time of waiting.
    It was large time range, during which Ladies' Code were waiting for next comeback activity as group.
    Fans were waiting too.

    Initially, we all were waiting for third album in special trilogy of albums.
    The third album was planned to be released in the first half of 2017.
    But time went and nothing was happening.

    Later we got explanation, why third trilogy album was cancelled.

    But, while I must accept this (this was Ashley's answer, and reason stated was "to release more upbeat music sooner"),
    there probably may be questions that left unanswered.

    Why to cancel album as a part of trilogy? Upbeat music album can fit concept of trilogy.
    And if album had to be produced by MonoTree, then MonoTree can produce diverse music.
    For an example, ELRIS "Pow Pow" (2017) (Also when looking into MonoTree songs, I found another MonoTree song named "The Rain", it was VIXX song in 2018). And MonoTree weren't busy with LOONA exclusively, they produced for other artists too.
    And cancelling album hadn't result in faster next album release with upbeat music anyway.

    Atm it seems, that at some point a new reason emerged, that interfered with Polaris Entertainment and BlockBerry Creative
    company capability to produce next album for Ladies' Code (as part of trilogy, or separate, upbeat music album).
    Next promoted comeback as a group after "The Rain"/"Strang3r" was made in May 2019 (after 2 years 7 months), and next album will be released on October 10, 2019 (3 years minus 3 days after "Strang3r" release).
    I mean it looks, like span of this length wasn't planned in 2016.

    In 2017 there was digital single "Better than Me", it is Sojung's solo (considered her solo debut, but also 2012 "No More" exists)
    and MV was released, starring LOONA HyunJin. Actually HyunJin is only artist in video, there are no Ladies' Code members,
    and of course Sojung sings the song, but she is not in video.

    Other videos from 2017:
    4th Ladies' Code Anniversary (Ashley, Zuny, Sojung)
    Indonesia (Bali) and Timor-Leste vacation and concert. Vlog (part1, part2, part3)
    V live streams:
    In 2018, there was probably decision to "mini-reboot" Ladies' Code in LOONA manner. I mean, LOONA had introductory project, where every member was introduced with solo song.
    So was with Ladies' Code, but something was of course different.
    Also, this was made as part of "Polaris Solo" project, and Han Heejun also participated.
    Han Heejun is friend of Ladies' Code, he is Polaris artist. He had some success on "American Idol" show (spoiler: results of season 11)
    For example, he released single "Q&A" feat. Tiffany from SNSD.
    He is currently co-host on After School Club show, and in 2019 he with Woosung (The Rose. Also known Ladies' Code friend) and Jimin were hosts, with Ladies' Code as guests, and on September 17, 2019 he and Ashley were hosts (episode with ONEWE).

    So, "Polaris solo" included Heejun's "DEEP INSIDE" album and "STARRY NIGHT" single ( MV ),
    and DEEP INSIDE" title track features Sojung.

    Sojung released "STAY HERE" single

    (behind the scenes)
    "STAY HERE" included second track "Crystal Clear" (Feat. Paper Planet)
    V live streams:
    (speaking of cancelled third album (which this post began with), March 7, 2018 fanmeeting was declared to be third part of trilogy project, instead of album. This is V live for this fanmeeting: "Ladies' Code debut 5th anniversary <CODE # R3BORN>" (no eng subs.) )

    Ashley released "HERE WE ARE" single

    (behind the scenes)

    "HERE WE ARE" included second track "ANSWER"

    V live streams:
    Zuny did not receive solo song in this project.
    She was featured in Heejun's "Springkle You" (feat. NOV) (2017), but was not singing.
    She debuted as actress in movie Memoria Tempus: Memory of Time in 2017 and
    at the end of 2017 starred in drama "4 Different Houses".
    And she sang "Like a star" (4 Different Houses OST).

    And in the end of 2018 there was "THE LAST HOLIDAY" song released.
    I think many people thought, that at the end of year it would be next Ladies' Code song as a group after 2016.
    It is group song, and I think it is very good song.
    But "THE LAST HOLIDAY" isn't like regular comeback. It was not promoted,
    and it is of course Christmas song, it is special song.
    It can be seen as winter song and so it corresponds with Sojung "STAY HERE" (spring song) and Ashley "HERE WE ARE" (summer song).

    (behind the scenes)

    V live streams:
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  6. On October 10, 2019 there will be
    new Ladies' Code album "CODE#03 SET ME FREE" released,
    with "SET ME FREE" as title song.

    For example, we have first teaser of "SET ME FREE" MV now:
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  7. It sounds great! Can't wait for the comeback
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  8. Ladies' Code before 2016

    Why this post tells less than it could?
    We remember and it is not attempt to forget.
    But, some sensitive information is not for everyday 2019 discussion, and it is not included in this post.

    Ladies' Code debut date is March 7, 2013.
    Extended play "CODE#01 나쁜여자" (Bad Girl) was released.
    Some of songs:
    "Bad Girl" (나쁜여자)
    "Super Girl"
    "Dada La" (Live version)

    On August 6, 2013 digital single "Hate You" was released.
    "Hate You" is also pre-release for extended play "CODE#02 Pretty Pretty", which was released on September 6, 2013.
    Some of songs on "CODE#02 Pretty Pretty" are "Pretty Pretty" and "Hate You".

    On February, 13, 2014 digital single "So Wonderful" was released. Also I recommend Areia Creations remix of "So Wonderful".

    On May, 16, 2014 미치게 훅가게 ("Make Me Go Crazy") was released. It is "Grandpas Over Flowers Investigation Team" (television series) OST.
    It was unknown, who performed rap part in this, however Ashley confirmed, that rap was performed by Sojung. (Sojung's voice for this rap sounds different enough to be uncertain with rap performer initially)

    For this song I recommend lyrics version, and also this version (꽃할배 수사대 ("Grandpas Over Flowers Investigation Team") TV series spoilers in this version)

    On August 7, 2014 single album "Kiss Kiss" was released.
    "Kiss Kiss".

    Additional information:
    "Bad Girl", "Hate You", "Pretty Pretty", "So Wonderful", "Kiss Kiss" are written and composed by Super Changddai.
    Super Changddai is known for composing for JYP company and for some debut songs for groups. This video for more information.
    Lyrics in "Super Girl" and "Dada La" are by Kim Eun-su
    "Super Girl" is composed by Crada (producer and songwriter from Germany, and list of artists who he worked with is in this article)
    "Dada La" is composed by E. One
    some of other E. One works.
    "Make Me Go Crazy" is composed by Ahn Young Min.

    At the beginning of "Hate You" MV you can see Woosung (The Rose) playing guitar.

    "Bad Girl" dance practice
    "Bad Girl" making
    "I Won't Cry" song
    The Reality of Ladies' Code 1, 2
    "Pretty Pretty" Making 1, 2
    "Pretty Pretty" dance practice
    Gaon Chart Rookie Award
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  9. May 2019 comeback "FEEDBACK" post

    On May 16, 2019 digital single "FEEDBACK" was released.

    It was first Ladies' Code promoted comeback as a group in 2 years and 7 months,
    after "The Rain"/ EP "Strang3r" release.

    In 2:46-2:51 video, that Ladies' Code are watching, includes part of Ladies' Code MV "So Wonderful".

    The car used in the MV is the same car, as in (G)I-DLE "Uh-Oh" MV.
    Also in MV there are scenes shot in Universal Arts Center, Seoul. EXO "Love Shot" and APRIL "The Blue Bird" MVs and others were shot here.

    "FEEDBACK" dance practice

    With this comeback 4 episodes of reality show series (with english subtitles) were released. In addition to
    MV making (MV making was without english subtitles):

    Episode: CODE#1 "Hello Ladies~"
    Ashley, Sojung and Zuny atm have various solo activities, this episode shows us some details of it,
    and also current living in dorm is shown

    Episode: CODE#2 "3 2 1"
    practicing "FEEDBACK" dance, also backstage of M Countdown and Inkigayo

    Episode: CODE#3 "Always Thinking of lovely Lavely!"
    visit to EVERLAND park

    Episode: CODE#4 "FEEDBACK"
    party with missions/challenges

    Friendly "After School Club" with Park Jimin, Woosung (The Rose) (
    also you could see him in LADIES' CODE MV "Hate You", he was playing guitar in the MV),
    Heejun (singer from same label as Ladies' Code, also one of his songs with Sojung) as hosts:

    0:54 "FEEDBACK", shortened version.
    9:15-9:52 Sojung shows her concept for comeback
    11:49 Sojung again
    18:02-18:31 Zuny shows low voice, that was used for "FEEDBACK"
    19:20 how to dance "FEEDBACK"
    23:42 Sojung compliments Zuny voice. Zuny responds with singing.
    24:26 "The Voice of Korea" reconstruction. Yes, Sojung sings.
    25:21 Sojung sings again.
    26:41 Ashley's turn to sing. "Little Mermaid".
    27:16 Ashley sings song from "Frozen"
    29:04-30:10 concept of next comeback question (what concept LADIES' CODE may like to do)
    30:40 "FEEDBACK" acapella
    34:14 song for Lavely
    35:09 Ashley imitates Zuny. Zuny retaliates.
    39:10-39:31 Ashley randomly picks up strange question
    41:54 Zuny and apple
    45:28 triangle dance
    47:46 what word, animal and color represent LADIES' CODE
    (Sounds like LOONA question)
    48:52-51:13 how you name other members in phonebook?
    bonus episodes:

    "FEEDBACK" speed up dance (rehearsal)
    Dancing "Galaxy" to the song "The Rain" (rehearsal)

    Some stages:
    Mnet M Countdown, May 16
    Arirang TV Simply K-Pop, May 31
    SBS MTV The Show, June 4

    There were interactions:
    This one

    with Oh My Girl members and actually
    it was team of Sojung, Ashley, Zuny and Oh My Girl Seunghee, YooA, Mimi in "Girl Spirit" show and name of the team was "Oh My Lady" (or "OH MY LADIES"?),
    and that was like reunion of this team.

    Interactions with "Girl Spirit" show participants:
    Seunghee (OH MY GIRL), Kei (Lovelyz)
    Seunghee (CLC), Kei
    Dawon (WJSN), Kei, Seunghee (CLC):

    Interactions with CLC:

    1, 2

    Interactions with Rothy and NC.A

    Also reddit interview
    video version of this interview

    V live streams:
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  10. on September 26, 2019 Ladies' Code posted

    From here, we got, that next Comeback date is October 10, 2019.
    From 0:38 these signals are Morse code, which is encoded "CODE03".
    In Ladies' Code reality show series, corresponding to "FEEDBACK" comeback,
    we already have seen that name, "CODE03", at 11:21 in Episode 4.
    First two Ladies' Code releases (minialbums/ extended plays) were named "CODE#01 나쁜여자" (Bad Girl) and "CODE#02 Pretty Pretty".
    And now we are getting "CODE#03".
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  11. September 29, 2019 (and maybe later)
    Seoul Music Festival, Polaris promotional booth, and in this event
    promotional balloons were handed out by Ladies' Code.


    more photos:
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  12. next teaser was this photo:
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  13. first MV teaser was posted

    I highlight Ladies' Code, and
    Ferrari and epic aerial filming.
    From here we got, that title song name will be "SET ME FREE".

    Also, this is
    Track List for upcoming "CODE#03 SET ME FREE" album.
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  14. Next teaser is Concept photos #1 (4 photos)

    Also in Ladies' Code accounts (group accounts in Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) profile picture was changed to photo from this teaser.
    Ashley has changed profile picture in her Twitter and Instagram too.
    And in Ladies' Code YouTube.
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  15. 4 new photos, unreleased photos for "CODE#03 SET ME FREE" were revealed, including one photo in tweet. Tweet contains

    this link

    (it is article on Naver and text is in Korean). You can find new 4 photos, if you begin from bottom (after clicking Naver link) and scroll up, until you see photo from tweet. And other 3 new photos are just above. To see large photo (in said Naver link), you must click special square with arrows in bottom right corner of photo. If there is no special square with arrows in bottom right corner of photo, click any part of photo, and square should appear. Article in Naver link reminds us of why album is named "CODE#03" (because first two Ladies' Code minialbums/ extended plays were named "CODE#01 나쁜여자" (Bad Girl) and "CODE#02 Pretty Pretty", so "CODE#03" is part of "CODE" album series ), and reminds us of some previous "CODE#03 SET ME FREE" photo and video teasers, and more.
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  16. Next teaser for "CODE#03 SET ME FREE" :
    Concept Photos #2

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  18. Ladies' Code "CODE#03 SET ME FREE" album preview was posted.
    About 20 seconds for each song:

    Also, "NEVER ENDING STORY" is special song for fans.
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  19. And yes, it is October 10, and it means, that minialbum "CODE#03 SET ME FREE" is released (with "SET ME FREE", "NEW DAY", "NEVER ENDING STORY", "JASMINE", "FEEDBACK" songs).
    And ("SET ME FREE" MV):
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