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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Newbie Four, Sep 27, 2019.

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  2. "SET ME FREE" comeback reality
    Episode #3:
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  3. Ladies' Code interview for SBS PopAsia ( Australia )

    5:12-5:18 "far, far away".
    I mean "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...." is Star Wars films opening, and host, Andy Trieu, is in Star Wars shirt.

    Otherwise, we are here for Ladies' Code interview, there are English subtitles (only when they speak Korean)
  4. Arirang TV Simply K-Pop

    announcement (video in announcement post is from other show):


    fancams: Ashley, Sojung, Zuny

    KBS2 Music Bank (that was 1000th Episode of Music Bank)


    stage (link)
  5. SBS Inkigayo

  6. "SET ME FREE" comeback reality
    Episode #4
    It is "SET ME FREE" MV credit cookie.
    Music in this may be or may not be version of instrumentals of "NEVER ENDING STORY"
    Zuny again, like in 1, 2. Or was all this in Ashley's dream?

  7. Ashley has posted on Instagram:
    B&W or COLOR?
    Something special coming soon ✨

    (2 photos)

    That post was about live performance with Dingo Music.
  8. Original thumbnail for "SET ME FREE" MV on YouTube is like in this post:

    Later it was changed, for example in Ladies' Code official channel "SET ME FREE" MV thumbnail is like this:
  9. Photos from SBS Power FM "Choi Hwa Jung's Power Time" with Ladies' Code and Jeong Sewoon:
  10. SBS MTV The Show



    stage (link)
  11. MBC MUSIC Show Champion


    direct cam:
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  12. "SET ME FREE" MV behind-the-scenes, new photos:
    for example:
  13. Mnet M Countdown

  14. Arirang TV Simply K-Pop
    Ladies' Code performed two songs, "NEVER ENDING STORY" and "SET ME FREE"

  15. MBC Show! Music Core

    MBC Show! Music Core is special show. Ladies' Code hadn't performed "GALAXY", "The Rain", "FEEDBACK" on MBC Show! Music Core.
    Now Ladies' Code return to MBC Show! Music Core with "SET ME FREE".

    stage was cut to 2:35 video length by MBC

    Additional photos.

    More Sojung and Kei interactions were in the ending of show. This video. (mostly in the beginning, and in the end)
    Sojung and Kei (Lovelyz) (Kei is using real name Kim Ji Yeon for her solo debut) are friends probably after both were participating in "Girl Spirit" show (2016). Sojung and other participants got many friends here.
    Example video from 2016 (Dawon (WJSN) as reporter, also Sojung, Kei, Minjae (Sonamoo)).
    Some of previous 2019 interactions: this (Dawon, Kei, Seunghee (CLC)) and this (Kei, Seunghee (OH MY GIRL)).
  16. There was photoshoot for "The Celebrity" magazine in 2016, part of "The Rain" / "Strang3r" promotion before "The Rain" release.
    Some photos from photoshoot:


    Some also related photos from 2016:

    This location is café in Seoul, named "Hotel Soosunhwa"

    Recently Ashley was in this café again, and has made this Instagram post:
    (there are multiple photos in it, and photos 1,3,5 are from 2016 and related to photoshoot above, photo 4 is probably from 2016, and photo 2 is from 2019)
  17. SBS MTV The Show

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