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Lady Gaga - A Star Is Born & New Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. Joanne during the AMAs would be much more preferred, but oh well, do the one off single that came out months ago and has run it’s course and doesn’t have a parent album attached to it I guess.
  2. A Joanne medley akin to Beyoncé’s Lemonade showing at the VMAs should really have been quite a moment, but streaming from the tour wouldn’t have logistically made that possible.

    I agree with @RJF that, despite its amazing success and all it’s given us, as a piece it has been sold a little short. It really is an album that could have had so many visuals attached to it, her writing and the production was so rich and varied on this one.
  3. General public / fans in “not thinking from the Grammy committee perspective” shocker
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  4. Weren't you all begging for a TV performance of The Cure from the first night we saw the choreo?
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  5. Does anyone else deeply prefer the “Million Reason”’s album version melody as opposed to when performed live...or is it just me...?
  6. But the live version doesn’t have Hillary Lindsey’s bleating in the background
  7. I’m not sure how performing a song that was a single 8 months ago is any less “messy” than doing the one that might be up for a Grammy nomination if that’s the reasoning we’re going to take.
  8. What are the chances the AMAs know that if they get Gaga on, they'll get more viewers, so they asked her and because she has nothing new to show off, they just decided tour footage of her newest song is the only thing they can give them? lol.
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  9. ... because she’s already performed it. At the same award show... a year ago. I’m not sure what about that is so difficult to grasp.
  10. RMK


    She never performed The Cure anywhere, and Million Reasons has had it's time too (a year ago at the same event). As someone watching it makes the most sense and it's a more refreshing performance.
  11. The AMAs probably wanted her to perform a recognizable song that people already know
  12. So often with her songs in the live versions she changes it up and I think they sound even better. Poker Face’s “I want you to know” will always stick with me.

    Come to mention it, I vaguely remember her saying Hillary wasn’t keen on a specific key or something from Million Reasons’ final chorus that Gaga wanted, and Gaga proceeded to sing it that way live anyway.
  13. Can we really consider The Cure as a song everybody knows though...
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  14. I don't care what she performs. The fact that she is performing is enough. And considering "The Cure" is one of her best singles, I wouldn't mind a performance of it.
  15. Yeeeeeah still not seeing the difference. The general public isn’t going to remember what she did a year ago, or if she even performed there at all.

    I don’t care what she does, I just don’t see why @RMK thought it’d be a messy choice if she decided to perform “Million Reasons”, and was offering up a reason for why she possibly would and why it shouldn’t be looked down on if she did decide to. I don’t see what about that is so difficult to grasp.

    She may even surprise us all and just do “John Wayne”
  16. Or a new single!
  17. There’s playing devil’s advocate and then there’s this. Give over.
  18. All the AMA promo on twitter right now for her performance includes footage from last year's performance of Million Reasons, so it would at least be fresh in the internet's collective mind. The GP doesn't have to remember what she did last year for a Buzzfeed journalist to remind them what it was, and then the press isn't as good.

    I don't think a MR performance makes sense for this event, Grammy nomination or not. Homegirl has no shortage of songs and Joanne/The Cure stand out to me as two obvious choices, what with the Five Foot Two connection. There's a decent level of public awareness of her fibromyalgia now (had at least two colleagues and a relative bring it up), and The Cure in particular is a great way of acknowledging that (even if it was written about Sonja) while also showing non-concert-goers that she's still up and fighting.
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    I think it's messy to perform the same song at the same award show two years in a row. Maybe it would be cool to give Million Reasons another push, but as a fan or viewer it's always nicer to see something new. You don't have to agree.
  20. Considering how unmemorable last year's performance was, performing it again wouldn't be the worse thing.

    Or better yet...
    The Andrelli remix.
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