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Lady Gaga - A Star Is Born & New Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. I know it's a GP fav but performances of Million Reasons are so damn boring. I would rather literally anything else. Dancin', John Wayne, Underrated Illusion, and especially The Cure would be amazing choices.
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  2. I was about to say or she could perform “Girl Gone Wild” but this is close enough.
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  3. R92


    The last thing she needs to do is perform a pointless remix that throws tacky-ass EDM-lite beats over a ballad. No one needs this.
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  4. RJF


    "Million Reasons" at the AMAs was one of the most stunning renditions she did of it. The staging alone was brilliant.
  5. Unless it's a new ballad with EDM-lite beats!
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  6. RJF


    Also, I assume this was discussed while I was getting drunk at the weekend but

    ARTPOP's little sister?


    Keep it @Lucifer.
  7. I’m still so mad at her that she didn’t use the AMAs staging concept for the MR video. Just her riding Arabella around the fields under the stars. Wig.

    That video had the potential to be so cinematic.
  8. Her making her backyard and a starry sky running motifs for the single cover and performances of "Million Reasons" was great.
  9. The original video was supposed to be really good until she took control of the edit.

    This could be the title of her biography.
  10. My relatable queen of self-sabotage.
  11. I really want her to keep going down the Joanne path because I think there's still a lot of material in that organic place to be found but I won't pretend that the idea of her going back down some kind of avant-garde electronic path doesn't leave me excited for her to push the envelope again.

    But if she does, I will need the visuals to back it up. One of the only flaws for the Joanne era for me are the visuals that are apt but also kind of tame and not that inventive. (Although I think that the 'Perfect Illusion' video has really earned its' spot in her videography.)

    Who am I kidding though. I will eat up whatever she does so whatever. Kill me with your already-been-done-before-but-televised-for-the-first-time 'The Cure' performance, Kween.
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  12. Watch The Cure get its second wind after this performance
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  13. RJF


    Lady Gaga: performs The Cure
    Million Reasons: gets +1M AI on radio
  14. If it was a hypothetical choice between a Joanne follow up or a new album, I’d still probably pick the Joanne follow up. I think there’s so much more for her to do with this one, as a concept, especially. The surface hasn’t even been scratched.
  15. Why do I see this happening over the holidays? Million Seasons, her longevity.
  16. The Cure has 7m more streams on Spotify than MR and is more recent, so commercially I'd say this made sense? Bring on a new song though.
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  17. I’d prefer a new song but I’d die if she were to perform The Cure.
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  18. It was a... joke. Obviously.
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  19. It was a joke.

    And you need to get over my love for that song.
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