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Lady Gaga - A Star Is Born & New Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. It’s interesting to think how new music will be released around the soundtrack and residency.
  2. Too far.
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  3. Gaga even managed to pull a 10/10 track out of the terrible twosome that is Guetta and Don’t worry that she won’t force Tranter to bring his best effort.
  4. so negative for no fucking reason lol.

    Also, no shade but the fact that Gaga was able to pull 10/10 bops out of RedOne, when at most he made 6/10 bops, was a miracle.
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  5. I feel like we have this conversation every time a new name pops up.
  6. Some people really can’t deal with her working with anyone besides redone.
  7. At this point I “couldn’t care less” what names are attached because she’ll weave whomever’s dry, split-end hair into gold.
  8. she will be busy with ASIB all summer, then she will be busy with rehearsals for Vegas. then she will campaign for the oscars. a new album besides the soundtrack seems so far away for now.

    unless this is all for bloodpop's album. or about the rumoured summer single which seems to not be happening right now.
  9. Where's this oscar nominated A Star Is Born trailer?
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  10. Exactly. Who would've thought her working with BloodPop and Mark Ronson would lead to a country album? Producers are an extension of her vision.
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  11. 2019 for a new Gaga album please. Any sooner or any later won't feel right.
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  12. We got the Queen trailer and it's out in November... I'm hoping they'll do something similar, a teaser for the teaser trailer and then the full teaser the next day.
  13. I'm perfectly okay with a 2019 or 2020 release for LG6. We have A Star is born soundtrack to keep us occupied for a year, the film itself, vegas and other projects she probably hasnt revealed yet.
  14. We're not doing this.
  15. I just had a dream that Gaga dropped a new single called Enemy. It was upbeat, had a gospel choir and it featured Shakira. Geri Halliwell introduced an exclusive rehearsal performance. In my dream I remember thinking that the song shouldn't work but it was amazing and effortlessly cool. I knew it wasn't true but I still came on to pop justice just to make sure.
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  17. I love how we get random pop concepts even in our dreams. We're so wrecked, girls.
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  18. I don’t think a Q4 2018 album is “too soon”. If we’re being honest that soundtrack is unlikely to spawn any hits and the “era” will be cut short in all likelihood. Especially if the movie doesn’t take off. So a new Gaga album late this year would be two years since Joanne. Plenty of time. (Though 2022 is more likely..)
  19. But the soundtrack (essentially a new Gaga album) will be released Q4 2018 and no label in their right mind is going to sink funds into two full-length projects from the same artist at the same time unless both are guaranteed to smash. If they want something out for Vegas that isn’t related to the film then they already have the BloodPop collab collecting dust that they can put out as a one off/maybe even use it as a ~bridge single to an album that comes Spring 2019.
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  20. I dont think the soundtrack is going to be treated like a usual soundtrack. I feel like this might be her bodyguard moment in her career. I can see her doing performances from the soundtrack and maybe even perform with Bradley at the oscars next year.
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