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Lady Gaga - A Star Is Born

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. *screams into the void*
  2. Gaga ha second imperial phase is getting the girls mad again
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  3. No one's mad, Dylan, I'm just poking fun at you undermining the song's success and the fact that you switched from "lol it's not EVEN Top 20 on radio" to "how can a song that is TOP 25 be snubbed???" as its trajectory changed. Like, that's some blatant goalpost shifting.

    Point is, the song is in an upswing and will likely repeak on more than one airplay chart in the coming weeks, thanks in no small part to POP radio finally getting on board with one of the most POPULAR songs in the country. B-b-but 'Poor callout scores' I hear you cry - well, who would have guessed that people's continued interest in purchasing and streaming a song are better barometers of public interest than, like, Rate the Music questionnaires or whatever?

    People are allowed to roll their eyes at a dominant format largely ignoring a hit like Shallow for months, while something like Ellie Goulding's Close to Me slides into the Top 5 despite being not even being Top 50 on iTunes or Spotify and N/A on Apple Music or YouTube.

    Oh and, for posterity, the phrase isn't "for prosperity" (unless you're referring to this but I VERY much doubt it ddd).
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  4. Knowing that @IMHO has been perched on this thread for at least 6 months is... comforting.
  5. I'd rather listen to Shallow more than Million Reasons.
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  6. Incredible.
  7. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Well, damn
  8. Sis, don't talk about goal post moving if you then move the goal posts you set up. Literally cherry picking quotes removed from their original post is what you have to resort to?

    My post about it not even being Top 20 on radio was about if it could re-peak at that point in time. I said not likely because it takes very rare things to have peaked on a metric and re-peak on the Hot 100. Something rare - you know, like selling a ton due to a huge performance on a widely watched television show. You do realize not likely doesn't mean not at all, right?

    If you want to talk about goal post moving, you frame my post as trying to discredit the song's success and yet I'm pointing out just how well it did on pop for the kind of song it is.

    You can assemble any take down or logical fallacy you desire. You have the right to. But knowing an idiom isn't proof that a folksy rock ballad was snubbed on a radio format. That was my point and one no one has been able to disprove. I love giving opportunities to others to collect as many likes as possible, but those don't actually influence on if your point actually made sense.
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  9. The GP to Shallow:

  10. Okay this is cute. I need to see this movie.

  11. Sis it's not that serious, we know and love you as the forum's trusted Chart hunni, so it was just funny and light kii that you thought Shallow wasn't gonna do what it did.
  12. Sam


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  13. Dddd sis, I'm an Aries. This is me being light-hearted and having a kii. Who else could drive the good sis @IMHO out of their temporary retirement?

    I was equally obnoxious defending the hit potential of past Gaga singles from those who have it out for her and I'll be just as obnoxious speaking on the the chart dynamics of Shallow even if those who have it out for people who aren't 100% supportive of her hate it.

    I just post things. I can't make people react nor do I take their reactions seriously. If someone doesn't like someone, they put them on ignore. If it's possible to ignore unenjoyable content and people still choose to see it, they actually kinda want to see it. I know the girls secretly love it deep down.
  14. Me.
  15. [​IMG]
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  16. Lord knows I don't believe this kind of stuff but suddenly my mother's sense of humor starts to make sense.
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  17. aux


    This is sending me.
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  19. I love Aries Versace. I think she's a very interesting artist.
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