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Lady Gaga - A Star Is Born

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Apr 21, 2017.

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  2. I checked out his Soundcloud this morning and the play counts were like 18k and the comments were full off abuse, now the count is 56k and the comment section has been disabled.
    Does this guy honestly think Gaga stumbled upon his Soundcloud whilst looking for ideas for Shallow?
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  3. BPG Ally Maine stayeth winning!
  4. That Ally reign won’t let up
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  5. I love Lady Grammyga

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  6. Crazy how she did that

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  7. Very well deserved and a perfect way to close the A Star is Born chapter (considering I think her chances are slim at best for SOTY). What an amazing near three year project this has been for her. 11x Grammy winner and entering the top ten of the most awarded females in history. Insane.
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  8. Nn I can’t at Bradley being a Big Pop Girl and having three Grammys to his name now
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  9. ddd two more grammys?

    come on Always, do it
  10. Her nearly doubling her Grammy count in a span of 12 months. Legend.
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  11. Not even the wildest most optimistic stan could have imagined this when it was first announced that she was going to be involved with the film. What a historic era.
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  12. I was so convinced she was going to win multiple razzies.
  13. I love her but yeah I also thought that it was going to be a disaster project.
  14. I remember thinking that A Star Is Born was an X Factor-esque reality show. Oops.
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  15. The fact she was the third biggest female winner tonight and didn't even leave her bed, I-

    I'm glad A Star is Born could avenge some of Born This Way's snubs

  16. But then again, Born This Way winning 0 Grammys... it still hurts. The straights weren't ready, it was a cultural reset. It was a cultural reset.
  17. Sam


    There we go
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