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Lady Gaga - A Star Is Born

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. The Cure is cute and all but I know they could have came up with something much better.
  2. It seems the new LP will be the antithesis of Joanne when it comes to commercial appeal so that makes sense. It's totally on trend.
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  3. They already did. Perfect Illusion is her best lead and the fandom abandoned it.
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  4. The Cure is arguably Gaga's weakest single (and definitely the worst lead) so I hope it's not an indication of the sound she's aiming for. But then again, Perfect Illusion didn't really sound like the rest of Joanne so you never know with her.
  5. I wonder what made her want to move on so quickly... I feel like they want to keep her on everyone's minds for award season plus for her movie next year. I'm stoked.

    Also, some of y'all are a mess to me. The Cure is quite literally what so many people have been begging for her to drop since 2011.
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  6. (I do hope there are some more obviously Gaga tracks on this than The Cure)
  7. Perfect Illusion was the lead for Joanne , this is a new project and it is weak for a Gaga lead.

    Her music has never been in trend , Just Dance , Poker Face and Bad Romance were all huge but sounded like nothing on the radio at the time.

    I'm all for her getting a hit out of this and I enjoy it but it could be anybody singing it and that's something I've never said about any other Gaga song.
  8. I kind of doubt this will be a full, traditional album. Probably an EP/some kind of throwaway mixtape thing. I'm ready though.
  9. While I think they could have, it's also clear that she's releasing material as it comes instead of sitting on it for months or a year. Knowing that this was barely even a thought 6 weeks ago is pretty cool. It also explains why there's some uncertainty on her side regarding what's coming next and how soon; I don't think she's finished just yet.
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  10. Ready for Prayer for a Joanne Monster: The Chaos Angel Re-Up.
  11. Cries in pink cowboy hat.
  12. Wow this feels surreal for some reason, bring it on though!
  13. R92


    Keep it.
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  14. The Cure is pedestrian compared to Joanne.Not very sure how i feel about this.
  15. Good. Joanne was good but (for me) her weakest album overall (bop-wise). I'm here for everything new produced by DJWS.
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  16. I'm ready for whatever is coming. It is rather exciting time to be a part of this fanbase tbh.
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  17. It's actually a really clever move, this way she can stay busy filming A Star Is Born while chucking out material to tide the fans over.
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  18. This is great news. I hope she doesn't wait too long to release the album. I think the cure is her biggest hit in Australia for quite a while as it's been number 1 on iTunes since it's been released here.
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  19. Just got an e-mail about the relaunch of the Little Monster site as an app. If they're relaunching it, seems like it could be part of whatever she's planning on doing.
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  20. The Cure debuts at #23 on the official UK chart this week.

    Take out streaming and she is #4 on the sales only chart.
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