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Lady Gaga - A Star Is Born

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. This alone makes me giddy.
  2. BML


    The Hurts remix of Judas is my second most played Gaga song.
  3. The Goldfrapp mix of "Judas" is all sorts of brilliant.
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  4. I remember my friend saying, upon release, they were getting a lot of flack/backlash for jumping on the “witch house” trend of 2011, but that genre never (or, rarely) had the scrumptious hooks like in their remix. I love when Goldfrapp go demented... ugh.
  5. Me too. Years after, I had a friend who doesn't listen to much Gaga aside from the songs on the radio and she heard a cover of MTN and was like "Oh, I like this. Why wasn't this a single?"
    Gurl... IT WAS.

    It got like no radio play though and they didn't ever post the shortened version of the music video on her youtube so.
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  6. I remember hearing it for the first time at some runway show and I was like holy shit this is incredible
  7. The best version of "Marry The Night," imo.

    I'd love for them to collaborate.

  8. I was listening to Born This Way on my ride to work and what a blast. Yes, that Judas intro is still I can hear god.gif
  9. I’ll never understand why Marry The Night and G.U.Y. had absolutely zero success after every single before them was very successful. A downgrade, sure I’d understand, but for both to just tank like a lead balloon still leaves me scratching my head.
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  10. Marry The Night wasn't a smash but it wasn't a bomb. I remember it getting a good amount of radio play. Pretty decent for a fifth single. G.U.Y. really was a bomb.
  11. Everything about "G.U.Y." as a single leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth. One of her worst in my humble opinion. The video is... not good.

  12. Gaga better come through with that tribute performance

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  13. Yes, but the remixes rarely lived up to the cool artist behind them. Gaga's best remixes are most frequently the ones done by nobodies.
  14. I’ve never liked any of Gaga’s remixes much. I love the DJWS “Applause” trap mix, DJWS “Scheisse” mix, Stuart’s “Paparazzi” mix, Fernando’s “Paparazzi” mix... and I think that’s it. It’s kind of frustrating since all the names are there, but none of them really did anything exciting, in my opinion.
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  15. Yas twin!
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  16. This is probably her best remix ever. They way it toys with the original's melody is just stellar.
  17. Also there may be others I’m forgetting that were good, but that only adds to my point: good, but not particularly memorable.
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  18. The Frankmusik mix of "Eh, Eh" was also pretty decent. But yeah, she's weirdly lacking in the really explosive mixes.
  19. There are four(!) Gaga remixes I prefer over the original: LoveGame (Robot to Mars Remix), Paparazzi (Stuart Price Remix), Alejandro (Sound of Arrows Remix), and the unavailable-on-US-Apple-Music PSB remix of Eh Eh.

    I do enjoy some of her other remixes. My friends and I would listen to the Afrojack remix of Marry the Night as our last song before the club. I'm pretty sure every remix of that song is amazing.

    I've never been a huge fan of the sort of... classic, 12" style of remixes? I like the ones that turn a song on its head.
  20. The Porter Robinson remix of The Edge of Glory is a banger
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