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Lady Gaga - A Star Is Born

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. They did attend the same circle of schools.
  2. Maybe Joanne IS Gossip Girl, and there is going to be an EP called Joanne's Gossips.
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  3. Imagine being called a sell out after already selling 150m records.

    People never want to see Gaga have genuine success these days, it's hilarious.
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  4. She did guest star on it, must have had a profound effect on her.
  5. She's closer to 180 million, but you have a very valid point.
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  6. For me this is the first Redeaming thing she's done since 2010, hope she keeps it up. Actually enjoying GaGa's music again.
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  7. The whole notion of "selling out" annoys me in general, but especially in this case where it doesn't even apply. It's a bit hard to "sell out" when you're already a superstar, no?

    The Cure is contemporary-sounding, but I don't find it to be nearly as trend-chasing as some have claimed. It has more in common with her songwriting demos from 2008-09 than Lean On or Sorry.

    I also think that expecting Gaga to reinvent the pop wheel with every new release, especially nearly ten years into her career, is...a little unfair. It's not like she's never been beholden to musical trends before anyway - ARTPOP's sound is reflective of the EDM boom of the early-mid 2010's, almost to a fault.

    I feel like I contradict myself a lot in this post but hopefully y'all get what I'm saying.
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  8. I don't purposefully set out to "differ" her from "other pop stars", she's marketed herself that way on her own. However, as everything is with Gaga, there's always been the dichotomy (as you've mentioned), in which she represents both the commercial and the non-commercial, the avant-garde and the norm. As long as this is a genuine move from her filled with glorious material, I'll be fine at the end of the day. I have no problems with her playing the game, since she has since the beginning of her career (recently evidenced by this single). It's just peculiar that certain posters were so adamant about her refusing to ever return to pop, and here she is, seemingly about to release a commercial record in such a short span of time. I love pop - and I love Gaga doing pop, so if it's good then of course I'm here for it.
  9. Anyway, this was me upon seeing the first post of this thread:

    I'm ready.
  10. I've come to dislike The Cure more and more each day, so if it's more of that I will be sad.
  11. I've worn The Cure out so much already, i'm just excited to see the updates on its success.
  12. It's lesser Gaga for sure. I can't see me playing this much in a few months.

    Still quite excited at the prospect of new music though.
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  13. For me The Cure is the best thing she has released since the Born This Way album.
  14. R92


    I honestly haven't been less here for a Gaga single since god knows when, but I'm still excited for new music, especially if she's still working with Ronson and Bloodpop. If only my wish for Talking HeadsGa would come true...
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  15. I think releasing regularly and not overthinking things too much can only be good things for her creativity in the long run.

    Similar to Charli XCX in the sense that they are constantly writing and making songs with producer pals, they just want them out there while they're still fresh.
  16. I want to believe that she's releasing a follow up album but after ARTPOP ACT II...
  17. I don't hate the song and I don't mind a basic bop from her but I do find it to be the least interesting start of a new era compared to the other ones.

    But I'm sure whatever she does will be great.
  18. Maybe she'll release it on WeTransfer!
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  19. My ideal dream would be another album in the same style of The Cure with a link to ARTPOP Act II included in every purchase!
  20. Someone please lock her in a studio with David Byrne.
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