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Lady Gaga - A Star Is Born

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. Cheek to Cheek's impact

  2. Doing another project so quickly after Joanne is quite a shrewd move.

    Joanne cleared the decks and gave people a break from the fatigue which had set in with Artpop, and positioned her as an 'authentic' great American artist so now she can 'return-to-pop'.
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  3. You're absolutely right. I'm not a fan of Joanne musically but it was a desperately needed reset button for her persona that had become so oversize, it was veering on parody. Now she can make pop again but without the burden of constantly having to top herself in terms of image.
  4. I did some more research yesterday and there's a chance Mark Ronson is working on this as well, but it could also be for A Star is Born, since she implied last year that they'd be working together for it.
  5. I'd love to have some more Gaga x Ronson. Either project would benefit from his skills.
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  6. God no, not again. They tried.
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  7. I'm glad she's moving on from the...moderate success that was Joanne so quickly.

    The Cure is a step in the right direction although it's pretty banal. Still, it's probably superior to everything on Joanne, John Wayne aside.

    It gives me hope that she's working with DJWS again as well. Artpop is still my favourite Gagsy album, after all!
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  8. I'm glad Paul is getting a reappraisal. I recall so many people wanting him not to be involved with Joanne because he supposedly wouldn't bring the hits like Ronson could. And although I don't think "The Cure" is nearly as good as his other work with Gaga, he really is her greatest collaborator, along with Mark Ronson.

    They both seem to bring out something really pure in her in different ways, so I'd be more than glad if Mark did end up attached to this.
  9. The Cure sounds a little bit like Do What You Want...which was a great sound.

    I think DJWS can be a great producer but despite a few touches The Cure is pretty bare bones. Love to hear more summery vibes from then both though.
  10. I loved GaGa when she came out... Then after Born This Way it's just gotten progressively worse for me.
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  11. I feel like everyone here could guess that you would say that.
  12. She is such a hard worker! We really don't deserve her tbh.
    And although it's not very Gaga, it's the most fresh and current she's sounded in ages.
  13. What if she went full 2017 and just released a string of singles over the next few months? It's kind of how the commercial logic of the streaming era works, but no really big pop-girl types have really taken it on as a model yet (unless you count Rihanna's 2015, which I don't because 'logic' would be an overstatement there it seems).
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  14. RhythmNative

    RhythmNative Staff Member

    I wouldn't mind her working with Ronson again. I just hope they leave the slavishly analogue thing in the Joanne era. For example, So many Joanne tracks would benefit from a layer of BVs in the chorus to help boost the impact - or what about the gorgeous strings we got on live versions of 'Million Reasons' but were omitted from the studio version?

    I felt like they were sort of set against producing some of the tracks to sound as good as their potential, for ideological reasons. Which feels like posturing.

    What's weird is that when you listen to Mark's own material, he's not like that at all. And this was the guy that wanted to put strings on Amy Winehouse and she said "stop trying to make it sound like Mariah Carey". So he's clearly not opposed to a commercially minded production flourish.

    I can see an album with production from Ronson, DJWS and Bloodpop striking the perfect balance between commercial and credible.
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  15. The Cure continues to give me life. I would be so here for an era full of No Way/Second Time Around inspired songs. Nothin On But The Radio is another lost hit. Throw on The Greatest featuring Cher as a bonus track while you're at it Gaga!.
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  16. I could see BloodPop being back to be honest.
  17. She sold Nothing On But the Radio to Paris Jackson. But yes, The Greatest Thing is an amazing song. I really wish they did something with it.
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  18. WHAT?.

    Edit: It's Paris Monroe from Destinee & Paris, Not Paris Jackson.
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  19. I can't remember why it was cancelled, I think RedOne said it was meant to be a Cher song and a remix with Lady Gaga on it. But he suggested Lady Gaga to make the song a duet on the original version.
    Too bad it was cancelled because the song was amazing !
  20. RhythmNative

    RhythmNative Staff Member

    Gaga wouldn't allow it to be released unless RedOne re-produced it and he was in rehab and Cher said he was uncontactable.
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