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Lady Gaga - A Star Is Born

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. Heal Me is The Cure's mellower sister and I'm here for her
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  3. Me logging on to Rottentomatoes to check that the score is still at 95%
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  4. I’m in my seat about to see it and I’m so excited and proud!!

  5. My mom is an an argument between 3 friends who have bad blood with each other over who gets to see the members preview tonight.

    Soccer mom Gaga stans are real. My mom is seeing it 3 times.
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  6. So has the whole soundtrack actually leaked? I keep finding conflicting reports and I just wanna know if I’m not looking hard enough or if it’s not actually out there. I keep finding the one with a crowd over it.
  7. Am I the only one who would love for her to go brunette for her next pop era? She looks so much better this way.
  8. It’s no Burlesque
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  9. I would know, I leaked that soundtrack myself.
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  10. I like her in all hair colors but the white blonde shes been sporting her entire career is kinda boring at times. I know some fans will say "Artpop and cheek to cheek served brunette Gaga too" but idk, with the artpop era all of her brunette looks were overshadowed by the blonde ones, same with the cheek to cheek era.

    I think black hair looks best on her but brown is pretty nice on her too since it makes her look her age (32). If she ever does perform songs from ASIB she should pop on a brown wig at least since performing them blonde would kinda defeat the whole purpose of her being out of "character". I'm not complaining though, we have a whole 2 hour movie full of brunette gaga and red haired gaga galore.
  11. GLC


    It's times like these I wish I didn't live in New Zealand. We aren't getting this movie until the 18th. That said, when it does get here I will see it ASAP.
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  12. Gaga in Vegas going from performing Shallow to Hair Body Face.
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  13. SMG


    Does anybody know why Vue hasn't got any viewings scheduled for this? Their twitter has a really vague reason.
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  14. Heal Me is the one. Her falsetto register is amazing (more of that on LG6 @ladygaga, thank you).
    It's funny that these 3 songs remind me of all the leaked outtakes that she wrote for other artists. Such a method actress.
  15. It's very strange, it's a massive chain and will definitely dent its opening, it does look like they expect to get it soon though.
  16. People from London, where do you recommend me to go watch this? I went to a screening yesterday at Odeon Wimbledon and I didn't really like it, so any suggestion for a cinema with better sound (or an overall experience) would be great. (I just moved here so I have no idea. I was thinking Vue Leicester because of the premiere but as you already said they're not even playing it)
  17. There’s Picturehouse or Cineworld
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  18. RMK


    Venom is predicted 60M, with A Star Is Born at above 30M in the box office.

    Big week.
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