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Lady Gaga - A Star Is Born

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. I think this is fanmade from the same person who did the cover for “Shallow”
  2. Oh my god fucking WIG at this movie. She and Bradley were so incredible, people literally sat in there seats in awe at the end of the screening genuinely shook.

    Can the soundtrack be released already?!
  3. I'm glad you experienced the same. That was the sense I got as well. To be fair though, the last 20 minutes-ish is fucking heavy.
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  4. RJF


    But how was your chili hotdog
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  5. I'm paying for it now #AnIBSIsBorn
  6. I mean yeah, that last 20 minutes devestated me. I think I held my breath the entire time during that scene with Bradley. The pair of them deserve all the awards! I think I’m going to go again tomorrow after work to see it on my own.
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  7. I went twice in a row today and I’m going again on Friday. An Obsession Is Born.
  8. I cried six times.

    Still processing what I saw. Speechless.
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  9. I thought she sounded amazing but the context was a little weird to me. ‘My husband wrote a song for me before he died, it’s about how I’ll never love anyone else’
  10. During this scene all I could think was how much we'd all shit ourselves if a new popstar delivered those vocals and that choreo and that bop live on SNL.

    Anyway went to see the film this afternoon and fell for basically every second of it. Magical first act, barely hits a false note craft-wise, songs are uniformly great and Gaga is pure magnetism, you can't take your eyes off her. Very excited to rewatch after familiarising myself with the soundtrack. The finale decimated me, I know it's a tiny bit Warren by numbers but Gaga sells the shite out of it. Shivers all over.
  11. I'll Never Love Again was the right choice. It's the song with the biggest potential for oscar nomination (and possibly win but I'm never trusting the oscars after that 2016 hot mess).
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  12. I'm so excited to go on Saturday. Release me from the slavery of human existence, Gaggers!
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  13. I hope she does it with Best Original Song but I bet Disney will be throwing everything at the Academy to get a Mary Poppins Returns win.
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  14. A film is allowed up to two nominations in the Best Original Song category and I'm sure Star will get two. The obvious ones are Shallow and I'll Never Love Again, and because of how familiar people already are with Shallow thanks to the trailers and how much that moment in the movie was talked about in the reviews, I almost think it has the edge.

    I'll Never Love Again is obviously a much more fleshed out song. If Gaga actually does some promo for it and they're serious about pushing it as a single, then I could see the vote swinging in its favor. But as of now, I'd place more bets on Shallow.
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  15. What did your reluctant BF think?
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  16. PHENOMENAL! Just got out but I don’t have much to say just yet other than I absolutely loved it.
  17. Oh my this was so brilliant. Every moment was just engrossing.

    I was genuinely surprised by how funny it was too. I didn’t expect to laugh so much!
  18. Shallow is now rising on UK iTunes and getting green updates on Kworb. Heeere we go.
  19. Nominating multiple songs from the same movie is risky. Unless there is a clear frontrunner, it can split the vote.
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  20. Mostly, but it's just a decent quality vinyl rip.
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