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Lady Gaga - A Star Is Born

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. The mural is giving me Seto Kaiba teas
  2. The bullet change was negative. The bullet is 833. That just means it's growing compared to its spins last week, but its growth is slowing down compared to the last week.

    Saturday’s update.
    AI - 15.638
    Spins - 3039
    Bullet - 833

    Sunday’s update:
    AI - 15.713
    Spins - 3102
    Bullet - 651

    Meaning the update between the two is:
    +0.075 AI
    +69 Spins
    -182 Bullet
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  3. Kelly Mantle looks good.
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  4. SCREAMING at the lyric video being 'Video of The Week' on a music channel here in the U.K.!

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  5. Please go top 10 Cure, or at least out peak perfect illusion
  6. I know "warm disco" is a trigger phrase around here, but I must say I'd love to see her go full on disco/funk for at least a couple songs on this next project, or a future one. It certainly ticks the box of feel good music that she's trying to make, and after the teases of the Sexxx Dreams bridge, the Tom Ford campaign and the way she's funked up Telephone lately, it's tantalising to imagine.
  7. The time for warm disco is done.
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  8. It's outrageous that this hasn't been playlisted by Radio 1.
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  9. Just like last week, they've been playing it a few times.

    They must be testing it out.
  10. Looks like Interscope could have pointed to this as part of a Joanne re-release today via their AllAccess update.

    Lady Gaga - May 8th, 2017

    After a three-year hiatus, pop icon, Lady Gaga has released her fifth studio album titled, "Joanne" via Interscope Records. “The Cure” is the latest single released from her new album.

    Of course it could be a typo or just worded badly, but if it's part of an EP re-release a la TFM, this is very exciting.
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  11. Kinda sounds like a new album.
  12. It's just worded badly.
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  13. It's difficult to discern. I thought the same thing, that it pointed to a new album, but then I considered "latest" might mean it was from Joanne. However "latest" could also mean latest in her overall singles discography. It's worded pretty badly, but its encouraging at least.
  14. RMK


    I saw May 8th and screamed because I thought it was a release date, but then I realized it was today. Mess.
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  15. Sam


  16. RJF


    It's an appallingly worded press release and nothing more, girls.
  17. "Joanne Angel" is the new "The Fame Kingdom", isn't it?
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  18. It is on Radio 2.

    She's over 30 now right?
  19. The Cure has climbed back into the UK iTunes Top 10 for the 3rd time and is approaching top 25 on Spotify.

    Yaas Gaga etc.
  20. Yeah, it just seems like an intern error/bad wording.
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