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Lady Gaga - A Star Is Born

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. [​IMG]
    I saw this picture on a New York Times profile on Bradley. She's wearing her wedding dress so I must assume she's performing Is That Alright. Again, I hope we get an extended cut eventually.
  2. My country stays being the best.
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  3. Rest in peace to Lina Morgana
    Go to hell if you did anything Gaga
    Rest in peace to Lina Morgana
    Did I do it? I don't know
    Lina Morgana had to go

  4. Also I liked Ally's golden dress with the black bow (of course I did) ddd
  5. I can’t believe she’s starring in a critically acclaimed certified box office smash, on the verge of her fifth US #1 album and we're down the Perez Hilton/Angela Cheng/Lina Morgana/Natalia Kills rabbit hole (Kii).

    What kind of fresh reverse Warholian hell is this?
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  6. Talent always wins
  7. Gaga and Britney conspiring to ruin Natalia's career and tank Bionic:
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  8. GLC


    After some of the stuff that's happened with Brazil over the past couple of years, you guys deserve something nice.
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  9. RMK


    Not that Natalia would have any objection starting out, but wasn't Akon the one trying to create another "Lady Gaga"? You can tell by Trouble Natalia herself had totally departed from that entire mold. Regardless, she's still one talented artist who never got the attention or treatment she deserved, and that was before the X factor stint.
  10. [​IMG]

    She's a VERY accomplished pop songwriter and has a good, distinctive voice. It's a shame, really.
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  11. Can we really hold it against her that she did everything she could to stay priority on her label? Everyone would have done the same i think.
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  12. Obviously you gotta backstab, scam, and scheme to stay a winner in this industry. We see my gal Stevie Nicks is STILL trying to ruin Lindsey Buckingham's life 40 years into Fleetwood Mac, for her coins. So if my other favorite, Gaga, wants to also cut off some other gals at the knee-cap, I can only support her. Legends only.
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  13. Perez trying to peddle the same old story every time Gaga has a new project out, hoping someone will finally care, when he can’t even get the names of the people she “sabotaged” right is a kii
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  14. Just watched that Perez video.

    Lol... If she was manipulative and trapping RedOne into working with her... why is he desperate to continue working with her?
    Also... She was probably paranoid and annoyed that other acts were copying her, because other acts WERE copying her. lol

    Imagine Gaga killing someone and then writing and recording this song about it.

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  15. Porcelain sounded like her voice was being grated by a microplane zester. Natalia bored the hell out of people. Christina's bionic was not bad at all but I think visually it didn't translate. Maybe Gaga sabotaged but who really gives a fuck. It's showbusiness and Perez got many clicks during his front row Gaga experience. Hate his pig looking ass.
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  16. “RedOne didn’t work with anyone else on Gaga’s say so”

    What did Alexandra Burke ever do you to YOU?
  17. It's sad how many utterly toxic people she surrounded herself with at the beginning, even though they did help in some ways. Troy, Laurieann, Perez, Terry. No wonder she was a mess. So glad she cleaned house and is in a much more stable place now.
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  18. Perez is an insignificant arse hair. I had totally forgotten he existed until this.
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  19. And those are just the hits, there's numerous Kat Deluna, Pixie Lott, Sarah Connor etc songs left out from that period.
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