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Lady Gaga - A Star Is Born

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. I love that Gaga's biggest competition is herself and y'all are just sitting here arguing if Joanne or A Star Is Born is better as oppose to Gaga vs Anyone Else.
    But in regards to the soundtrack and Joanne...

  2. It’s 2018.
  3. I love the Spice Girls and Lady Gaga but an odd point of comparison to me and I’m not entirely sure what you mean by it. What’s next, “we need her Have One On Me”?*

    * - Editor’s note: I am not entirely opposed to this
  4. @R92 and I are just over here waiting for a full album of this.

  5. Don’t erase my inner 80s NYC art gay like this
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  6. GLC


    Have One On Me... as in the Joanna Newsom album? Why the hell not? She's already had harps in her music, she lives in California, why not get experimental?
  7. I mean for me Gaga doesn't have a single bad album, I can connect with each one so I'm not worried what she will deliver next.
  8. I actually think a left turn would be brilliantly surprising for the GeePee, as long as it's executed perfectly. Think of how Madonna (sorry for the haters) followed her mid-90s Queen of Adult Contemporary phase with a daring, adventurous dive into electronica and how refreshing and arresting it was, she was hailed as a genius. If Gaga follows her soccer mom courting phase with an edgy, concise (side eyes ARTPOP) electronic album complete with fashion forward looks, everyone will be at her feet.
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  9. No idea what you’re talking about...
  10. The comparison of music video / audio only goes for critique on the film without seeing it, which is more jokey from you, which is fine and entertaining.

    You sure can critique a song without seeing the video for it (the moment in the film), but it is a one sided experience. While I recommend seeing the movie to have another (now visual) experience to go with it.

    Can’t wait for your review of course!

    Yes, I agree.

  11. This tweet brings up a good point- What was the point of putting out these photos? lol.
    Unless maybe it's a tease at some sort of visual for Vegas.
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  13. Did I just log in all empty front desk workstation computers, set up a vpn and stream the Shallow in UK?
  14. Radio 1 (One of the biggest radio stations in the UK) is currently playing Shallow.

    I’m so so so proud of her and this spectacular resurgence in her career. What an achievement.

    Praying she snatches the number 1 tomorrow. I shall be buying it on iTunes tomorrow - the first time I’ve done that since Britney released Work Bitch! In 2013. Kii.
  15. What is the differences between the radio edits of I’ll Never Love Again in the soundtrack without dialogue and the normal ones? I just saw those...
  16. But then Greg James dragged her for “having to get help from the guy from The Hangover to get her first #1 in 8 years”. It sounded great on the radio but the dragging afterwards was unnecessary.
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  17. I hope and think it will be I’ll Never Love Again. As much as I effing love Shallow, more than IWNLA, I’m surprised to see it doing SO well. It’s a genuinely good song, but doesn’t exactly scream monster hit, you know. More like a sleeper hit staying in the charts for six months but only peaking at #23. So if Shallow is now for example nearly #1 in the UK, imagine what the classic soundtrack smash ballad sounding IWNLA might do. Especially when all the people who’ve seen the film will instantly recognize it. Get that Christmas number one, Gags!

    I also wish they shoot a proper new video for it, to make it seem more like an ”official” single, a big event. Even if it’s just her and a piano or on stage somewhere.
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  18. Perhaps?
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  19. Greg James is trash. Him and Chris Moyles started a rumour back in 2010 that Kesha had to sleep with one of the Radio 1 hosts to get airplay and were throwing STD jokes around.

    So we should expect shit like that from him.
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  20. From your mouth to Gags ears.
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