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Lady Gaga - A Star Is Born

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. She looks so beautiful. It's amazing how in ten years she has gone from bangs covering her entire forehead to her lashes, huge false lashes, behind sunglasses, using a baby voice in interviews... To gorgeous, soft, and incredibly confident well-spoken speaker.
    That young 20-something fresh pop star on the scene has really glowed up to a goddess.

    Anyways, i'll turn my stan dial down now lol.
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  2. I totally agree. Gags has managed to feel like she’s been around for 20 years and 5 at the same time.
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  3. Which one of them believes in her tho
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  4. I... just had a question cross my mind but I'm too scared to put it out in the universe so I'll hide it behind a spoiler tag:

    Does this movie pass the Bechdel Test? ddddddd
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  5. At the end of this video is she just walking away from him without saying goodbye or thank you or anything? Thats weird lmao
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  6. I don't even remember other female characters in the movie ffff
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  7. This always felt weird to me because a story shouldn’t pass this “test” just for the sake of it.
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  9. Apparently it only passes because of iconic Gail ddd.
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  10. I feel like it's more useful for movies with an ensemble cast, super hero movies, etc, which are rampantly mysogynistic, but people do make a big deal out of it so I thought I'd ask.
  11. I only went to see the movie on Monday myself. While I obviously knew the general story and what would happen in the end, I had managed to avoid too detailed spoilers about the script. That’s why I was so surprised by one thing: I expected Ally to ”sell out” (hate to use that phrase) only after an album of her beloved country twangers had flopped or something and the oh so evil record company wanted to sell her with sex next. You know, that there was a reason to go from Shallow and Always Remember Us This Way to Why Did You Do That (in about two seconds)? I mean why would the manager sign her based on Always Remember Us This Way and saying she had something special, which he obviously did see, only to strip that all away from her immediately? Surely he wouldn’t be that stupid? But of course in the world of bad, bad pop that’s what he would do, sure. It’s like he had signed Jewel based on Foolish Games and Who Will Save Your Soul but released only the stuff from the third album instead (love it so no shade). Makes no sense. Also why would Ally go so willingly along with this new style immediately and not only after she was forced to do so after flopping or something? Oh well.
  12. You'd be surprised.

    And you said it yourself, she willingly went along with it except for the dancers which weren't her idea. She's was pretty happy with everything else and defended her material when Jackson criticized Why Did You Do That. She liked what she was doing.
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  13. Yeah, that bit in the movie may have been underdeveloped, but the music industry in general is pretty much “we really like you but let’s change everything about you.”
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  14. Makes me wonder how much was lost from the original edit. I went to the restroom at that point in my initial viewing and was so confused when all of a sudden she was a POP gal.
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  15. The paradox is that that's the problem of the movie (for me). I understand that Miss Bradley most likely wanted to show or transcript how fast things become once you hop on the fame train which sounds like a great idea, only if the outcome worked for me. If you want the movie to execute your point flawlessly it should be built on a strong foundations and I just felt like only the first half of the movie did that. The rest was just something I couldn't catch witch emotionally.

    I saw the movie for the 2nd time now and I still don't know how to feel about Jack. Both times seeing this I had this feeling that he actually does everything what he wants to do with Ally and doesn't really give her the space to express herself. He insists her going to his gig and not letting go until she'd submit to go, he doesn't ask if she wanted to marry him, he'd just put the string ring on her like it's for sure and so on. Ally then becomes more emancipated women and he's just off by that fact, like she was a pretty doll that came alive and started building her own story everybody wants.
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  16. Is it bad I didn't think of her but the backstage girl that brought Ally and her friend backstage where she performs Shallow?
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  17. I didn't have any issue with the pacing, as I regard this more as a love story, rather than a poor-to-riches story, so everything else is extraneous compared to the relationship.
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  18. The pacing issues in this one are exactly the opposite of the Barbra Streisand one, where everything becomes achingly slow in the second act for no discernible reason and there’s at least 20 minutes of them just galloping about in the desert.
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