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Lady Gaga - A Star Is Born

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Apr 21, 2017.

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  2. All it takes is a TV special (paging Tony Bennett) and a well known role in a revival of a previously Tony Award winning musical to seal the deal
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  3. How long have you been saving these for.
  4. Not the one who patented the phrase "A Stan Is Bored" coming with these receipts.
  5. Honestly, your new role as forum poltergeist is terrifying.

    Paranormal Activity whew.
  6. This was actually really sweet.

  7. RJF


    GET A JOB.

  8. I can’t believe the girl doing Ikea parking lot concerts ten years ago is now an Academy Award nominated actress. So proud of her.
  9. "Dear Lady - I always knew you could do anything at the highest level of artistry."

    Me when Born This Way released.
  10. I don't know what I'm more shook by... The fact that I saw @IMHO has quoted your post in my notifications, or that you bookmarked these so long ago and still remembered them!
  11. Oh, I will gladly be sitting infront of the TV screen, Boo'ing anytime A Star Is Born or it's nominated actors don't win to movies that I have never seen and will probably never get around to.
  12. The PBS Cheek To Cheek special and The Super Bowl were both nominated and pretty close contenders I should think. A little bit of award show hustle and schmoozing could have got them over the line.

    It will be annoying that when she inevitably doesn’t win the Actress Oscar, the reaction will be “ha ha! She wanted it so much...the intention all along was to get her an Oscar” when that really wasn’t it. A Star Is Born was released way too early in the year to be intentional Oscar-bait and I genuinely think the reaction took them all by surprised.

    She’ll come out of this with a (singing) Oscar, a gracious photo op with Glenn or Olivia and it will be an amazing moment for Gaga. But it will be framed as a fail. I hate the internet.
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  13. It was moved to October to be considered more for awards season, no?
  14. Yes, the original release date was back in May
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  15. Other nominated films came out in February (Black Panther) and August (BlacKKKlansman), so that speaks to either the lack of truly great films this year or that release date truly doesn't matter anymore if the film is good enough to still have people talking months later
  16. HOW GREAT.
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  17. October is still early for Oscar bait though isn’t it?
  18. Empire Film magazine just released a podcast where half of it is spent interviewing Bradley and then the other half is spent discussing the film. It’s a great listen
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  19. Oh and the best thing: We now get a performance at the Oscars!

    Haha, sorry i couldn´t resist.
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