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Lady Gaga - ARTPOP

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by TeenIdle, Jul 12, 2013.

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  1. Edu


    Artpop The Song is the best thing that came from ARTPOP.
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  2. Had PARTYNAUSEOUS in my head all day today, no idea why.
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  3. If we're going to revive the ARTPOP thread again, we may as well appreciate the best thing to come from that era:

  4. Can we please have this thread locked so it can die in the pits of PJ and I don't have to be confronted by the reality that it ever actually existed?
  5. [​IMG]
  6. Your point?
  7. Oh dear.
  8. The gif was frozen and never showed "thank you" so it looked cynical to me. My mistake.
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  9. Omg both of those things are blocked from my memory completely.
    But okay, the app COULD HAVE been great had they actually released a finished product and not just a GIF maker. Like I wonder how much they paid the developers of that because gurl... They deserve like 5 bucks at most.
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  10. The thing never actually launched for its actual purpose because of the stuff with Troy.
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  11. At least I can admit my fallacies.
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  12. So disappointing. I blame him for so much of what happened that era.
  13. I do think they should have just launched everything at once instead of that stupid countdown, but considering the album was essentially rushed out (again, because of everything going on back then), they had no time to create any of the material meant for it.
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  14. Second best thing to come from the era after "I hope your prostitution have worked"
    /"WHAT my little monsters need to SUCK MORE DICKS."
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  15. Still a massive kii that Dope charted at #8 thanks to shady Youtube practices.
  16. Love that it was for a deal Troy organized, except for a song he couldn’t stand that Gaga decided to do last minute.
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  17. Am I allowed to post the G.U.Y original story boards that just leaked?

    Looks like the video was meant to include lots of animals (which would mean the article about the animal biting Gaga was true), and the Housewives would've had a larger role. It also looks like Venus would've been a bigger part of the video and a longer rebirth scene.

    Still my favorite Gaga video.
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  18. They recorded all this stuff – I think I mentioned before at the time of filming she was doing three full videos. The original cut ran over 20 minutes.
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  19. They recorded the housewives giving her a makeover and all? I knew the animals were on set but it seemed like the housewives only did their music scene?

    Anyways, I wish this was included.

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