Lady GaGa - Bad Romance // New Single from The Fame Monster

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The video's on UK TV now. The Box are playing it every hour today. All the product placement has been blurred out and the firework tits scene has been cut from the end.
The video - wow!
It's probably my favorite of hers, if not of the year. It just works……… I fail to see the connection of the lyrics and the story-line, though.


I really love this song. I found the demo a bit messy, but this song is her best song yet. I was particularly amazed by the way her voice sounds. I never found her voice 'generic' or 'flat' but she really hit a new level this time, specially with the 'I don't wanna be friends' bit. She really sings like she means it, like she was dumped on a Friday night and recorded the song next Saturday morning.

As for the video, a bit strange, but I found it funny that from the second half she is looking like anyone but herself. I mean, we have:

Chris Crocker

Siobhán Donaghy


and Amy Winehouse

The last one makes sense, because I remember reading (I guess it was on 'Rollingstone') that she dyed her hair blond because people mistook her for Amy a lot.


Femmenizer said:
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Femmenizer said:
Beautiful Pixie?! Looks like Chris Crocker? My goodness, when is your next optometrist's appointment?

It's called an opinion.

And sometimes an opinion is dead wrong.

But, it isn't.
Anyway, I've yet to see this video on TV, and I can't wait! I just know it's going to look amazing.
i've seen it twice on TV whilst randomly fiicking through channels

and yes, the fireworks-boobs-skeleton-bed-amy winehouse-charred scene has been cut, which made me quite sad actually as you can still hear the bra going off in the background
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