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Lady Gaga - Chromatica + ‘Rain On Me (with Ariana Grande)’

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. RJF


    If that was the case we would have marched on the Steps thread and razed it to the ground.
  2. Nothing stopping you from doing it anyway sweetie xx
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  3. It’s dark sided energy until we needed it for this song.
  4. I thought we'd already done that?
  5. The Zane Lowe interview is on her YouTube channel :

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  6. The Zane Lowe interview is now on her YouTube

    Snap, posted at same time!
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  7. Yeah that's true. While I don't totally agree about it with these songs, I see what your'e saying.

    I was also kinda speaking more generally of when people say that to critique songs they don't like, I remember people saying that about songs on Joanne. Like...that's kind of the point dd
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  8. It’s a certified 4/5 bop but I do feel something is missing. Ariana’s euphoric verse and buttery vocal delivery is the highlight, but the overall production doesn’t feel like the standard it should be for such a powerhouse duet.
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  9. I have to agree that Bloodpop hasn't wowed me at all. I can't remember a single interesting thing about the production on this song or Stupid Love.
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  10. Bloodpop being boring. What a surprise.
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  11. I need Scooter to pull everything he can with this song.

    After that he can go away
  12. I’d love for this to be a big #1 smash for both of them. It’s such a banger and really just gets better and better with every listen.
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  13. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    Popjustice needs more Brenda content
  14. I'm surprised the production is getting so much hate... I really like it.
    is it me that has poor taste?
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  15. RMK


    The production is good, but I get wanting a song with such good hooks and moments to carry more bombast (-ic love, so fantastic, etc.) and be the type of smash Gaga's known to deliver.

    If this becomes Gaga's fifth number one it'll sit next to Just Dance, Poker Face, Born This Way, and Shallow. All her weeks atop the chart carry such momentum, and really are all-encompassing hits.
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  16. Nah, it's produced well. I think it's a mixture of disappointment at the influences seeming not as present (which I personally disagree with, for the most part) and a building resentment for Bloodpop - and I'm not saying that to be passive-aggressive.
  17. I’d honestly love it if this got a remix EP. Give me various types of remixes... the 8 min plus house dance version and then give me some that just switch up the production of the track (like Stuart Price’s AMAZING Paparazzi remix).
  18. R92


    The production is... competent, I think. It's not mindblowing, and does the job, but for such dance-oriented singles that lean into the instrumentals, it doesn't quite go far enough. The edges are all sanded down, the references all a bit blended into a singular element that doesn't hinder the melodies and vocal performances, but doesn't really stand out as something truly remarkable yet.
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  19. The part of this edit that mixes in the demo is the zip that the production is “missing”
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  20. A Gaga collaborator or Haus member getting hate? That never happens!
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