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Lady Gaga - Chromatica + ‘Rain On Me (with Ariana Grande)’

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. It's just that the production is not the star as I initially expected but it gives space to the melodies and the vocals to shine. It's a grower.
  2. I know Ariana didn’t directly do this but I’m screaming
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  3. Speaking of production: excuse me, my fellow liner notes geeks, but what do you mean Gaga appears to have no production credit for either "Stupid Love" or "Rain on Me"? That's so unusual and The Fame! I demand at least 3 pages of discussion about this!
  4. Yeah the production doesn't quite lean into the sound it is going for quite as much as it could have, but I still think it's solid. And it leaves room for their vocals to shine.

    Honestly, the more I listen to it, the more I'm getting 2002 vibes (maybe it's the Kylie reference) and I LOVE it
  5. I wasn’t completely sold on the song until I saw the video- now I totally love it. The video brings the song to life, now I can’t stop listening to it.
  6. The one thing the demo has on the final version is definitely how chunky it sounds, which is truer to the early-90s house sound. I don't think the final is lacking in bass and the demo is, as I said before, pretty clearly a first-/second-pass concept demo so mixing probably plays a part in the "thickness" of it, but it touches more explicitly on the references provided in the Welcome to Chromatica playlist. I don't think Rain On Me's production is bad by any means, though, it just appears to take its influence primarily from the turn of the millennium with all the nods to French House rather than a warehouse rave in NYC or Chicago in 1992. The most "classic" element of it is the piano stabs.

    I generally agree that Free Woman's demo, out of everything we've heard from these sessions so far, comes closest to truly embodying the touch-points brought up in the Paper piece (and Stupid Love is the biggest outlier, which I find kind of hilarious for some reason). I'm curious how it's evolved.
  7. My roommate is watching a Twitch livestream and they played the song 3 times in a row, we stan promo!
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  8. The music video is.. really quite brilliant??

    It has definitely elevated the song for me! And agree with everyone about the spoken “Rain . On . Me” being absolutely Camp Gaga and also reminds me of Britishney
  9. Anyone else excited for the Ariana feat. Gaga collaboration that will inevitably come one day.
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  10. Wait at Strings of Life (among a bunch of others, including Finally!) being added to the playlist 21 hours ago. We love a formative moment in dance music history, yes indeed we do!

    She mentions "exclusive content" in the intro video, too, which I didn't catch yesterday. I'm assuming it probably means track-by-track interviews and not much else, but we'll see.
  11. Still absolutely obsessed with this.

    It feels like such a moment for me, a truly big pop girl song that we haven’t had in ages.
  12. I absolutely hear the Y2K French house beats, early 90s house, etc. but then then more I listen to it I just hear Get Outta My Way dd.

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  13. I'm enjoying that actual thought has been put into the sequencing on this playlist! The influence of French House jumps out even more with Cassius 1999 coming directly after Rain On Me.
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  14. I have to say I wish the lyric was “it’s about to flood, rain on me, tsunami”
  15. Ari’s harmonies are honestly the highlight
  16. AAHHH fuck they added Can You Feel It too just inject this album into my goddamn veins already

  17. RMK


    This! We'll definitely get a Chromatica experience playlist ala Billie's album and Future Nostalgia.
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  18. Honestly I can’t get enough of Rain On Me. It’s completely addictive.
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  19. Yath we're getting a 200-track playlist by Friday aren't we. I wonder why she didn't roll out the playlist weeks ago and do weekly additions leading up to Rain On Me's release & May 29.

  20. "Keep my dolls in side diamond boxes, save it 'til I know I'm gon' drop this front I've built around me oasis paradise is in my hands, holdin' on so tight to this status, it's not real but I'll try to grab it, keep myself in beautiful places paradise is in my hands."

    The way she reads this lyric just like that meme is sending me, she's hilarious. I always forget how monotone her speech can be for like, minutes on end.

    "My name isn't Alice, but I'll keep looking for wonderland." I don't know how I feel about this lyric yet but I'm very curious about Alice.
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