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Lady Gaga - Chromatica + ‘Rain On Me (with Ariana Grande)’

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. I love them but girl..... it's HAIM.
  2. Exactly. All she had to say was "I can't promote and perform this how I want to yet", all the extra stuff about how we need to focus on the pandemic... Her heart is in the right place but it's like... an album doesn't stop anyone from supporting causes so to use that as a fake reasoning for the delay is so annoying because we know it's a scapegoat reason when the real answer is money and promotion.
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  3. I'm in two minds on this. One is that she could've released the album as a way to gift the fans that are anxious, scared and need distractions in the form of entertainment. The other is that, this is her art and her work and if she released it now it would always be associated with the virus and she can't promote the thing like she truly wants to, so why should she?

    I can understand both sides.
  4. I'm gonna have to tab all these posts saying "she delayed it so she could do promo!" when the album drops and she inevitable only does SNL, one more video, and a magazine feature over the phone sksksk. Girls you've been set up!
  5. RJF


    The only platform she’s interested in being on is her boyfriend’s lap, which... fair.
  6. But this is supposed to last up to 18 months on the optimistic side of the scale, so it’s always going to be associated with the pandemic if she allows it.
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  7. Yeah, there is no way she's going to replace surprise Coachella performance with anything even remotely as exciting as that may have been honestly.
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  8. You'll be in mindtrappa's post history for a while then.
  9. I would like to see her put her money where her mouth is and send hospital supplies to hospitals though. It actually IS needed and will be a necessity as these hospitals get filled and eventually overwhelmed. It doesn't change the delay, but it's better than her posting about the pandemic from a safe space and low key placing the burden on her fans.
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  10. Fixed.
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  11. Argh, Gaga’s mind and kindness punkness. Don’t you girls see the gift that Gaga has bestowed on us?

    Yes, a new album would have generated a few days worth of conversation before we jumped back to our ‘Born This Way’ alternative singles run post, but now girls, NOW, we will be fed for months with the lashings, the draggings, the fan fiction and the burning anger this decision will generate.

    We will get through this our anger at this stupid decision.

    Paws Up.....after washing thoroughly for at least 30 seconds with soap and warm water.

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  12. But we don't know that she hasn't already done that. Not all celebrities like to shout about their good deeds.
  13. Not another Power Rangers reference! The Cancelatica era is consistent at least
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    I mean, I get it. I'm not entirely without sympathy. To work on something for years only to have its moment engulfed by the most unforeseen circumstances is rough, but... the core of what makes pop music so special is what it can provide for people in times just like this, and especially when it's coming from Gaga, who was seemingly about to offer a whole different world for us to take sanctuary in while our own goes to shit, and now we're not going to get it. Even if I hadn't liked the album, I would have at least respected the decision to release it now.

    I think the saddest part of it for me is that, of all people, despite how much I feel she's drifted, I would have expected her to Get It. And for none of the above sentiment to even crop up once in that Notes App Statement of Doom is depressing. She keeps trying to gift us with things like platitudes and vacant wall-hanging wisdom while withholding the most effective tool at her disposal and... I just kinda want her to stop. Go and sit in your mansion for the next three months and don't say another word until your album is out in seven days. I'm tired of you.

    I'm disappointed in the decision (which won't have been entirely hers, yes), but I'm more disappointed in her handling of it. Naively, I... kind of thought I knew her better than that? If nothing else, I thought she was at least smarter than this even if completely removed from reality. But y'all who aren't phased by anything clearly know her far better at this point, so maybe this is where I get off.
  15. I'm aware, and I'm not saying she hasn't because I don't know. But making a post on the behalf of the BTWF or something wouldn't hurt.
  16. But the tour is coming in May :)
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  17. Coronavirus to Gaga right now.

  18. Has it leaked?

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  19. Not enough kindness in this thread.
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