Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Now that A Star Is Born is just over a month out and our fave is an acclaimed, soon to be Oscar winning actor, I figured the new album finally deserves its own designated discussion.

This is a list of writers and producers we have, so far:

Boys Noize
Benjamin Rice
Mark Nilan Jr.
Nick Monson
Justin Tranter
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The former half of that list piques my interest, the latter doesn't really do much for me. I know she brings the best out of her producers, but meh
our fave is an acclaimed, soon to be Oscar winning actor

I’m most intrigued to see if she’ll reconcile the “analogue” approach to Joanne with a return to dance music, or it’s just going to be a hard left into new techniques/sounds again. I know she was using the old fashioned modular systems with Bloodpop and Boyz Noise originally, but Sophie (and her single session we know of) and Boyz Noise as a producer period has me just as intrigued. DJWS and co are harder to place too, since he’s so versatile and changes to what she wants. Ah, what an enigma.
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Is it likely this will be released in 2019?

A certain sub section of a certain site continue to delude themselves that it’s coming this year.

I personally think it’ll either start up in the spring after award season (those newly minted 15 Oscars she’s poised to snatch will speak for themselves), or the usual pattern of late Summer single/Fall album like CHARTTOP/Joanne.
Y'all are gonna have to tone down the premature gloating about the Oscars. You're gonna jinx it and Mary Poppins and Olivia Coleman are gonna sneak in and snatch all those awards.

I don't think she'll win best actress anyway, but Disney is gonna go hard on pushing their inevitable nomination and they have a great track record.