Lady Gaga - Chromatica

I love that it's classic Gaga that could come from her early tours, but keeping with the colour palette of Joanne.

Also, that shot (in better quality as below) is the perfect DVD cover (ddd)


Gaga and live DVD?

Am I the only one to think she's working with a lot more people than usual ?

It depends on who actually makes the final cut and isn’t a part of trolling fans/rumours but I don’t think it feels significantly more than usual.

It mostly feels like Bloodpop is the main production helm and there’s various related people who could fill the slots as co-writers and producers, like Mark and his gang did for Joanne.
The only confirmed producers are Bloodpop and Boys Noize though. Or am I missing someone else?

That’s about it as far as non-speculative producers go. Benjamin Rice has been photographed in the studio with her a few times, as well.

There’s also SOPHIE, but we’ve heard from several people now that they haven’t actually had any proper time to collaborate on anything. If the album is as far along as we think, then it’s unlikely it’ll ever happen.