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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. A global Chromatica classic.
  2. Do we know the video is coming today, and do we know what time over in the UK?

    I can’t be having another false alarm like I did at 5am...
  3. This is gonna be another Stupid Love for me where I Hammer it for about 2 days straight and then never listen to it again ddd.

    It's fine, but it's not a song which is going to reveal itself over time. It's a basic bop with not that much substance and that's ok.
  4. 6pm UK time!
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  5. RJF


    The Welcome To Chromatica playlist manages to slap and also highlight the failures of BloodPop's Playmobil production.
  6. Gaga: I’d rather be dry but at least I’m alive
    @RJF: [​IMG]
  7. This is not a bad song, but I don’t see an anthem here yet.

    The way Gaga sings her verse feels a bit like she’s about to tell us how far she’s from the shallow now. Ariana does indeed get the best part and she actually sounds like she’s in her element. The RAIN. ON. ME. bit + the low register in which she recites/sings the bridge are an obvious self-reference verging on self-parody and I feel she truly wanted to give the gays little monsters everything they wanted. Bless her.

    The comparison to Enjoy Your Life is kinda ridiculous but I see it? ñññ Gaga still went on to that interview to talk about what she's learnt about the brain, so... she's not too far off dsfg

    Oh, well. Hopefully the video will convince me. I've been hammering the first four albums these past few days and I crave more Gaga. If the album isn't for me, at least I'll have a cute thong!
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  8. This is all feeling very ‘ARTPOP’ in that the singles are VERY good pop songs designed to try and get a hit but nothing that will be held up as Gaga’s best with the possibility there are some stone cold jams on the record that will be left as album tracks for all eternity.

    Put this and ‘Stupid Love’ together and with the ‘Free Woman’ clip it does still seem like it will be a fun, enjoyable ride.
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  9. Somewhat like Detective Mark Hoffman of the Saw franchise, this didn’t reverse bear trap my full head off, but it took a cheek in the process.
  10. How is this reference both aggressively heterosexual and gay
  11. This analogy though, canon.
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  12. BTG


    The niche homosexuality of this reference!
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  13. Most US dance music sounds like that. I’m getting Roger Sanchez in 2002 but I’m here for it.

    (Still can’t understand Ariana’s lack of enunciation though.)
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  14. I don't post here very often, and I think we should be talking more about the music and less about attacking each other. I think everybody is entitled to his/her/their own taste and I learned myself to enjoy something I like without the need to criticise something else or the need to justify myself. In the same way I think that, for example, listening to Bjork does not make me feel better than someone listening to Pitbull. I don't slap my taste in the face of the others and I don't feel better than anyone. I was just thinking the other day how most probably a song that I really dislike is at the same time someone else's favorite and I find it very fascinating and what a magical thing music is.
    Sorry for this convoluted post, I tried to express myself the best I could.

  15. <3
  16. People are allowed to critique this song as much as they are to praise it?
    I don´t get why people immediately feel personally attacked in their taste just because people dare to say something negative about her music.
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  17. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    oh my God I stan how much she loves this

  18. This is a cute bop and Ariana sounds amazing on it but listening to it back to back with Stupid Love it really feels like Gaga is going through her old demo folder from 2014. I just know she can do so much better so it’s hard to get enthusiastic behind something that is just ok.
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  19. I love her so I really hope she will be able to convince me with the album, but both singles left me lukewarm and the Chromatica playlist is full of tracks I have never really cared for, so now I'm a bit worried.
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