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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. The production doesn't quite click for me, particularly when it's held up against the tracks she's put on the playlist which were actually done with way more minimal studio tech and sound incredible partly because of that. Any of Sanchez, Cassius, New Order (!) etc would've agreed to work with her so it's sort of mildly frustrating that she couldn't have gone direct to source to get that kind of sonic world instead of Bloodpop's approximation of it.

    I'm bopping, but I do wish I didn't have those direct influences to compare it to.
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  2. I am wrong to hold Gaga to a higher standard?

    I appreciate she may be happy, making music for herself blah blah but it all feels so basic and bland compared to the greatness I know she is capable of.

    It is a dark day when I prefer the new Katy Perry track to a new Gaga song.
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  3. Really? A post-chorus break is something I don't have a problem with usually (and even enjoyed on Stupid Love) but here it's so flat, it really sucks the life out of the song. That space occupied by the break is crying out for a proper post-chorus and it prevents the song from being truly great.

    It is weird that all three songs we've heard so far employ/suffer from the exact same songwriting structure with a breakdown where you'd expect more melody. Must be by design rather than coincidence but I hope it's not a universal trend.
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  4. Can someone stop 2020 for a second I’d like to get off
  5. It’s nothing groundbreaking, but it definitely bops. Agreed with others that Ari really shines the most here. I do wish they both sang a bit more towards the end, along with some additional production flares, but overall it’s slightly above the average quality of a big pop girl collab (which are usually...dull.)
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  6. Now that physical singles are making a comeback can we start getting long ass remixes too? THIS SONG NEEDS A TEN MINUTES 12” MIX...
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  7. This thread hearing @RJF wake up

  8. I need a remix EP with Moto Blanco, Stuart Price, Armand Van Helden, Jody den Broeder and Chris Lake mixes STAT.
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  9. Me when I meet my 6 flop friends tomorrow at the beach, the ones that trashed Rain On Me and think it's boring and nothing exciting.
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  10. It's not necessarily a bad thing to not like something. Taste is subjective.

    If people are being honest though, the music this era is a real let down in comparison to what Gaga has done previously and that happens to all artists eventually.
  11. First of all: Impressive that the HQ of the song leaked only three hours before the official release. Quite an improvement compared to... you know which song.

    Unfortunately, "Rain on Me" didn't make nearly as huge impression on me as it did to most of you (probably because it is a PJ catnip), but it's a really good song nonetheless.

    The production/instrumental is better than the actual song (if that makes sense), and I can definitely hear the "Love at First Sight" comparisons from that point of view.
    The melody, much like the song itself, isn't particularly inspired and a bit faceless, I'm afraid. While basic isn't a bad thing at all, this just sounds too anonymous for someone that is Lady Gaga. Oddly enough, I think I prefer Ariana's verse/pre-chorus to Gaga's.
    The chorus (yep, there definitely is a chorus) is good, as well as the outro, but it all misses something... epic.
    I must admit that I smirked at her (almost self-parodying) spoken middle-8 part, which reminded me of "ARTPOP" (namely "Venus"). The post-chorus/drop is rather meh and I agree with the ones saying that the song ends up a bit too abruptly.

    Definitely an improvement compared to "Stupid Love", although I'm really hoping the album has some better songs that the ones we heard so far. Maybe I'm asking for too much, but it's Gaga we're talking about. She's definitely capable of much more than this. It still feels like 'this will do', even though that isn't actually the case.

    Still waiting for something in this era to really impress me.
  12. I found the end product to be super dull and basic. I have no urge to go back and listen to it, it’s all very “well, that was fine”. Let’s see what the video brings us.

    Unpopular opinion: “Stupid Love” is more enjoyable.
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  13. Luckily, the Chromatica jockstrap will make that easier than ever!
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  14. RJF


    Okay, but some of us come here to call people trash and get called trash in return, so.
  15. Rain on my face, dad?
  16. I hope the video makes it all click for me, 1 minute to go.
  17. Just listened for the first time, it’s so much fun!

    absolutely love the conviction of the spoken word. Rain. On. Me. Indeed
  18. hey, I'd rather be dry

  19. It’s not out for another 5 hours
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