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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Here at The Psycho, we take pride in our dedication to groundbreaking investigative journalism. Our publication has obtained exclusive damning evidence indicating the totality of posters pretending to not feel Rain on Me (and let me tell you, girls, you're very shit actresses, although I admit "IT'D BE BETTER AS A SOLO ARIANA SONG!!!" and "NOT EVEN DAISIES IS THAT BASIC!!!" made me piss myself laughing because I love nonsensical humour) are in fact Russian plants hired by the white males of the energy industry to undermine the process of feminist liberation and ecological repurposing of rainwater Gaga and Ariana have bravely initiated. Here at The Psycho, the consensus around the duet is total and uncontestable: swelling with the juice of life, it is the best thing to happen to both mainstream and avant-garde music since Brandy updated her videography on YouTube last October.

    You better finish your vodka, pack your heroin and go back to your dormitory district in Novosibirsk, Dmitry Aleksandrovich, because the jig is up. THE REVOLUTION OF KINDNESS CANNOT BE STOPPED.
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  2. I agree with this. I do have to remind myself that not every pop song needs to reinvent the wheel.
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  3. Where is the video?
  4. Premiering in 90 minutes.
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  5. Premieres in an hour and a half.
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  6. It's not about reinventing the wheel, it's just that it's missing that something special we are used to from her, both sonically and lyrically. She has quite an amount of 'generic' songs on her debut album, but they all had that Gaga signature/magic to them, instantly making them more charming.

    The most 'Gaga' things sonic-wise we got so far are the verses of "Stupid Love" and the middle-8 of "Rain on Me". The rest could've appeared in anyone's song. I'm afraid that's not enough for some fans, including me.

    By the way, "Rain on Me" sounds exactly what I imagine "Future Nostalgia" to sound like, so no wonder a lot of you are all over it.
  7. I really hope Gaga gets creative and is able to do some performances like how Katy has been getting creative with hers.

  8. Hmm...I can forgive the generic sound, but what really holds this back for me is just the lack of a genuinely earth-shattering tune, which Gaga excels at. That’s why this isn’t pop brilliance for me. The actual song itself just isn’t strong enough.
  9. Rain On Me is really fun, I'm excited for the album!

    I can't help but think of
    When Gags does her spoken word bit.
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  10. I think the deep and resounding “RAIN. ON. ME!” is peak Gaga!
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  11. I hope my neighbors like the rain... cause she's down pouring.
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  12. This is thoroughly a Lady Gaga song, down to the lyrical tropes, so I'm afraid I don't buy the "anyone could have sung it" critique.
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  13. There's some valid criticisms of the song (my biggest gripe, which seems to be universal, remains the length/abrupt ending) but it's just so damn joyful that... I can't really fathom being off-put by it. It's like I can feel the girls beaming and having fun through my headphones. And it's contagious. I know that isn't particularly eloquent and it doesn't mean the song will have longevity, but for the moment it feels like exactly what I needed from two of the biggest pop stars in the world. They're serving euphoric escapism via poppers dance bops and I need that right now.
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  14. I might be showing my ignorance, but what is missing 'sonically' from this that should historically be present for a Googs anthem?

    Besides the length and a final lap of the chorus, we get it heauxs.
  15. I need the video to deliver. It can really elevate the song.
  16. The house pumping bass, the overly joyous first verse followed by the husky 'it's coming down on me' + Gaga's head voice shining through with Ariana smashing on the second verse then the interpolation of their voices working so well (something i though it wouldn't happen that EFFORTLESSLY when i first heard of the collab) only for the explosive last chorus to come. An instant classic.
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  17. I love how you are absolutely not here for people trashing Rain On Me.

    I'm not either.
  18. I've been waiting for this song since that clip of the final chorus leaked, and the Doberman stan in me is out in full force dd
  19. Pat


    Whew, a bop, do wish the 'I feel the thunder comin' down' part was used more though.
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