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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. This was cute.

  2. Well it's an improvement on Stupid Love so lettuce celebrate that!
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  3. It looks so cheap? Gaga's opening scene with the daggers is the best part.
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  4. Slightly rough choreo at times (but because it's Gaga and Ariana it's kind of endearing dd eat me alive girls) only thing stopping this from being a perfect video for this song I think.
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  5. Gaga’s reaction when she saw the mug that Ariana had painted on her


    I put this on Twitter and got zero likes or retweets on it. That’s why I love you girls...
  6. I wish more stuff happened but those close-up shots with the dark hair were a serve.
  7. Why am I hearing...

    "I rather be DRAMA - but at least I'm alive!" in the chorus all of a sudden. ASKSKFFFF
  8. I loved the big red Gaga shots.
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  9. RJF


    Didn't the girls do this with "Stupid Love" too where we were convinced a version with more story was coming only for that... to be it? I think it's time to just accept that the concept of Chromatica is literally just Gays In Space.
  10. What a complete success. Love everything about today.
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  11. They so look so much alike in the video.
    It’s cute but i’m so tired of this choreography based videos.
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  12. R92


    Mother, a crumb of narrative, please... we're starving.

    Who'da thunk in 2011 we'd be clambering for her longform videos again?
  13. Yes, this is the Stupid Love vídeo but better. This one actually has multiple (good) looks and set-ups.
  14. nn i can't get enough of the bridge and spoken word bit, she's incapable of being cool. I love her.
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  15. Yeah, if they’re not going to make an expensive video, then don’t try to make it look expensive. It always ends up just looking even more cheap. The visuals are so awful in the main setups...and most of the costumes are awful. The cutaways look great at least though.
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  16. I love her but I'm afraid Ariana would've had to sashay away after that lipsync.

    The styling for the dagger-in-the-leg look is still an absolute shoot, and Ariana's looks/tribe/haus incorporating lavender is still such a cute nod to her own sensibilities. The moment at the end also warmed my sad gay heart.

    Much better than Stupid Love, even if the choreography here was only a lateral step up from the monkey-bars choreo of the former dd
  17. RJF


    The bit where Gagger was getting waterboarded in front of a... porthole?

  18. There are some really great shots; Gaga alone in the rain with the outfit from the single cover, the dark close ups of her face with water pouring down, when she's in that PAPER-esque setting as a giant floating head.

    Unfortunately they seem to belong on another video, not with the scenes of choreography / Ariana...
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  19. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    The video is very fun. I love Gaga's look where she's submerged (?) and has striking similarities to some of the scenes in Cher's Believe video.
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