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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. The pose in the beginning of the video being the one from the album cover is cute. I liked the more alien like imagery, reminded me of Starcraft.

    The dancing gave me Just Dance (the game) teas but I'm not too bothered.
  2. Gays in Space would be a great band name.
  3. She definitely just did this era for the gheys didn’t she?

    The video is just pure stupid camp. I love it.
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  4. Wait I was almost right asdfghjkl
  5. Great video. I don't wish for any overwrought narrative in it, it's a great classic pop video that gives me a strong whiff of Janet (dancing notwithstanding "lol") that establishes its simple storyline throughout the video. Literally an instant classic on all counts, and as @Sanctuary said, an almost shockingly earnest venture by the two of them while still being an absolute fucking STOMPER, not to mention it being extremely timely. After the gruesome week I've had, it's all really got me a bit emotional.

    I know people are hating how short it is, but I'm just loving how lean this is compared to her previous excesses, while still being totally Gaga. Her bouncing around when the bridge vocals start... never change mom.
  6. BTG


    Sistren, I dunno. It's cute but... them looking bone ass dry in that CGI rain, I-
  7. I kind of love the way they used that mirror-effect when switching between the choreo-scenes. Very goofy but it works. The red closeup-shot and the closeup of gaga in the sky...just dont fit in with the rest of the video and kind of destroy the mood.
  8. Song and video are a shoot.

    I am living my gay fantasy today.
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  9. I laughed at the Britney type choreo, but the rest was cute. Seeing Ari happy is so fucking important.
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  10. The placenta pothole closeup scenes are extremely 1997. I live.
  11. @BEST FICTION can we get a gif of her saying "i'll be your galaxy" and "hands up to the sky" i can't get enough.
  12. The video, I lived.
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  13. RJF


    Ariana really said, "I'm already doing this stupid gay techno song I'm NOT getting my hair wet too!"
  14. That Single Ladies choreo snippet had me screaming.
  15. Why do some parts look so low quality! I hope this is released in 4k, even 8k somewhere. I love it.
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  16. Also we got to see Ariana’s signature move once again

  17. The white eye make-up and flowing hair is a LEWK.

    Honestly one of her best singles.
  18. I’m honestly shook just by the fact that Gaga made Ariana drop her ponytail for a moment.
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  19. The look with the pony-tail hair and white eye shadow?
    Stun ning. Stunning. Deep salute
  20. Not feeling it but I’m glad they’re happy.
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