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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Just hit me we're arriving to Chromatica in FIVE. (5). DAYS.
  2. I love that she insists on cropping out the wig line every time.
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  3. "Visual video" teas
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  4. I like to think of it as the end of the 4th day from now, because i'll be awake still at midnight.
    and chances are it'll leak AT LEAST a few hours early, if not days early.
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  5. Let's face it, the Chromatica express is likely to arrive much sooner than that!
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  6. This is looking so cute.
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  7. Not to start anything, but a certain other album arrived today as a gorgeous lil boxset/artbook and now I'm actually upset about every version of Chromatica coming in a PVC sleeve ddd.

    Putting on my clown eye-lie-ner or whatever and hoping some better variants drop this week.
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  8. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    My GP friends casually sending that instagram look to my gleeful “underboob!!!” response, then coming here to see all of us cawing about the same thing....I love it here.
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  9. The end of the video is probably the part that bugs me the most - I feel like Gaga is trying to sex up on Ari and Ari is trying to be friendly and cute. There's such a dissonance in the whole vibe I'm surprised this was the best shot they had.
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  10. That’s an interesting take. Gaga’s vibe looks like one of relief and accomplishment to me.
  11. RJF


    We love a Big Pop Moment don’t we girls?
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  12. I pretty much just thought Ari was being happy with her friend, and Gaga remembered there was a camera filming and needed to serve face.
  13. I just think she looks a little socially awkward.
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  14. I definitely did not get that vibe at all from that last scene.
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  15. Pat


    Wheh, just realized we'll have the album in 4 days (if it get's released 00:00 everywhere locally), probably even sooner if it leaks.
  16. I really hope the album doesn’t leak because there is absolutely no way I’ll have the self-control not to listen if it does, and I want to experience the album as mother intended; counting towards streaming in order to to get her that #1 smash album.
  17. It won't, it will be a simultaneous release just like Rain On Me.
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  18. None of her albums have been like that despite the singles only releasing at midnight US time so I don’t see why she’ll start doing it now
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  19. Andy I love you so much for this.
  20. RJF


    We’ll have it before the release.
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