Lady Gaga - Chromatica

The song sounds amazing but also a bit reductive if it’s supposed to be new.

Edit: Nn all of you who are PM'ing me I don't have the song. I'm basing my opinion on the clip we have.
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Ready to experience my first Lady Gaga era in all its messiness.

Not sure how I feel about a potentially ten year old demo leftover being used as a lead single for her music comeback song. That sounds snobby but I’d like to hear stuff she’s been working on in her recent frame of mind. If it’s true at all.
A bopp is a bopp though.
I lowkey just want a short and sweet 10 track summer record, something bright and colorful, like she hinted. I feel like she doesn’t have a legit spring/summer sounding album.

I'm honestly here for this. Maybe I'm reading too much into it but I honestly believe the pink hair is for the next album.