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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Monsters are ruthless dd
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  2. Poor @sexercise
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  3. :(

    dddd since the last time you made this post, I found out me and him have mutual friends and we ended up meeting at a Charli concert a few months ago. Personal Trainors are TOO powerful.
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  4. Wait...
  5. Makes sense since I was told “1000 Doves” was written during ARTPOP. This audio was recorded outside the studio during one of her first sessions with Mark Ronson in London. She played him this and “Angel Down”. I’ve always wanted to hear this track and was sad it never made it to Joanne.
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  6. Babylon? Sour Candy? Free woman? Random promo shoot? I have so many questions!
  7. This looks like it’s from the album shoot

  8. So exciting, I hope we get more, or that it's from a video. It's literally ALIEN but make it gay.
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  9. R̸͎̞̻͉͇͚̀Ạ̵̡̛̦̹͈̺̥̱̥̺̦̥̮̺͒͌̀́̓̎̊̒̂̚̕̚͠I̴̤̖̖̪͋̂̂̔̐̏̃̋́͊͝͝N̵̢̪̱͍̳͕̟͔̙͖͖̳̍͂̔́̐͜͝͠͝ͅ


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  10. [​IMG]
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  11. I LOVE this one
  12. Have I been in the mountains on a poor wi-fi the whole weekend? Yes. Have we been banging Rain On Me all over the place and danced our shit off? Yes. Is it still raining here? YAS.
  13. What kinda kills me is this is a Kylie song, homos. The fuzzy French electro house is a la Minogue. The moment that clicked, everything fell into place. It's Fever meets some heavy bass.

    Deal with it, alt gays.

    It all leads back to Kylie. @WhatKindOfKylie? Wins!
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  14. So annoying. I was gonna bite the bullet and fork out £40 for the cheapest option to get something signed from the uk store. Then when you get to the checkout it says at least one item is out of stock (presumably the signed photo!!) so I either have to pay Double for two deliveries if I want the album on release day or wait fuck knows how long for everything to arrive together. Grrr how hard can it be

  15. Dated!!1!
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  16. RJF


    Monsters rising back up to be the most vicious of the fanbases again after years of being dormant feels right with this era being a GaGa throwback. It’s only fair the OGs of stan terrorism and main reason all these groups have fucking names get to ride in the sun one last time.
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  17. I hope there's a this-inspired bop on Chromatica.
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  18. I dreamt last night that my local record was selling it early and I managed to snatch a copy. I can’t at her literally invading my dreams
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  19. @RJF showing up in the thread daily to throw more dirt on Stupid Love's grave

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  20. Ms. Ciccone should have done a 90s throwback alberm, instead of throwing her weight behind white capitalism, faux-outrage, cringe-heavy, tone deaf anthems such as G*d C***troll.

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