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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Oh WIG
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  2. It's kind of a radical suggestion, but you could just wait to listen.
  3. It may not be but there's some weird post production with double-ponytail setup @ 1:26 timestamp where her face moves awkwardly.
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  4. I hope they are right this time, I need some Boys Noize on that list.
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  5. Boys Noize is in the writing credits for Rain On Me at least
  6. It's really a shame that Boys Noize only have writting credits but it's a scream how some of you are so out of touch with the labelling of dated producers or whatever that means.





  7. [​IMG]
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  8. but WHO produced it?
  9. Mess at me reading "WHO" as in "World Health Organization". Gaga found recording her own Two Steps Behind Me about @RJF
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  10. Rebecca Black
  11. It just started downpouring here and i'm fairly certain the preteen girls that live next door are outside trying to do the Rain On Me dance for TikTok. Gave me a good laugh.
  12. RMK


    I just trust the vision for the album, Boys Noize not making the cut isn't the end of the world. Love the Free Woman demo and Rain On Me started out (sonically) interesting, but they'd pair better with Kiesza.
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  13. R92


    There's a part of me that's been hoping ever since Partynauseous was played at the ArtRave that Gaga would dive into some happy hardcore-ish sounds for at least a track or two (kinda like the old MANiCURE demo that leaked a while back), and it seems like this album would be the best fit for that, but I don't see that ever coming true at this point.

    Give me that six-minute extended mix, mother.
  14. RJF


    Sis, it's not so much the producers themselves and more about them in the context of what we know. Posting something like "holy terrain" as if Skrillex is going to be doing something like that on Lady Gaga's RETURN TO HER ROOTS DANCE-POP record feels... obtuse. It also seems like BloodPop had the final cut on most if not all the tracks. This is where the scepticism comes from, along with the production on what we've heard so far. Tchami co-produced "Stupid Love". Does that sound like the song you posted above?
  15. Same here (and again, y'all can miss me with that "bUt yOu LiKe eVeRyThiNg xDD" shit). Regardless of the general Bloodpop fatigue around here, he and Burns did an excellent job giving a Rain On Me a glow-up from the original demo and there's a lot we still haven't heard in its finalized form, so I'm hopeful.
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  16. I heard that's where all of Gaga's SOPHIE tracks ended up.
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  17. I still trust those early descriptions. The official FNAC description mentioned it was rooted in Chicago House and Justin Moran mentioned that it was an homage to classic house from start to finish. Granted Rain on Me was given a shot in the arm but we don’t know how indicative of the entire thing it is.
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  18. At least Hana will be eating good. Let's celebrate that.gif.
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  19. HANA deserves. I love her, and the genuine bond she seems to have with Gaga is cute. The fact that she (and Grimes) complimented the production on Chromatica feels like a great sign too.
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  20. RMK


    All I expect from Skrillex is to beef up whatever Bloodpop brings to the table, and that could potentially be really good. Sometimes his production could really use some vibrancy and get kicked up a notch. This was their previous work as a unit:

    Obviously this was a different sonic direction, but Skrillex's pop expeditions always punch a bit harder. Even though Justin isn't much better, I don't want to link Camila. She Loves Control is an example.
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