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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Surely there must be a pill you can take for this taste deficiency?
  2. You better get a coronavirus test quick because lack of taste is one of the symptoms.
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  3. But seriously though does anyones really like The Queen.
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  4. Well guess what Mimi...
  5. Yes.
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  6. Edu


    I absolutely do, every night.
  7. R92


    The Queen is worth it for the outro alone (4+ minute tracks ilysm and miss u bbs)
  8. The second half is gorgeous, the first is trash.
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  9. I love The Queen, but then again I love the entire album from front to back!
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  10. Sam


    The Queen been trash
    We been knew trash
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  11. Do I still think of all the "Starry night, COME INSIDE ME like never before" memes when I listen to it nine years later? Yes. Does that impede my enjoyment of the song in any way? Not in the least.
  12. R92


    I'm listening to Joanne and whew, there's no way this album will touch that, is there...
  13. Did one of the old gals dislocate a hip while running to leak their newly delivered CD and this has caused the hold up?? Come on.
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  14. I love The Queen, I never listen to it, but it's not a bad song and I wouldn't rank it in the bottom.
    Remember, your least favorite songs and songs you think are bad are 2 different things.
    or at least they can be
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  15. To be completely honest, I don't disagree, but I also feel like Joanne itself had some pretty significant and specific extenuating circumstances that led to its creation and made it the album/experience that it is, so I'm fine with it.
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  16. Leak night 2020... Almost near Chromatica...

    What are we discussing?

    The world-building.
    The imagery?
    The singles?
    The videoclipss?


    It's The Queen (audio) from Born This Way.
  17. The Queen bridge and outro is one of the shining moments in her discography.
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  18. Stefani found making a U-turn to get you
  19. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

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  20. The Raiders of the Lost Ark finale hits different now doesn't it.
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