Lady Gaga - Chromatica

In a dream world aka this forum, I'd love her to lean into these aesthetics.



...aaaaaaand we're back to dream fashion aesthetics for an album no one knows anything about

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You’re right. We should only be focused on aspects we can predict. Like the makeup! The Glam Room No. 1: Fame palette is a must, no? Tell me, what Le Riot gloss should be the staple of this campaign.
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Y’all are so weird. “It sounds like it could’ve been on her best album” is not something I would take as a negative?

I like bright 90s-melody Gaga though and I’ve been into this since that first clip leaked last fall, so

It's a negative for an artist of Gaga's caliber. Putting out something that sounds like your old shit is pretty reductive. And it doesn't really give me hope for an interesting album.

That being said, this may not even be the lead single, so I won't doommonger over this.