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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Me losing my mind to “Replay”

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  2. Ok I know it's probably offensive to say considering the earlier reaction, but how badly would 911 snap as a Vox Lux song?

  3. RJF


    "Chromatica I"
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  4. Good morning to you too!
  5. Elton’s verse on Sine is... so moving knowing how his journey, especially in retrospect, is in conversation with hers.

    Truly has no right to work as well as it does.
  6. I love the swirling disco feel of Replay. It just makes me want to spin around.
  7. Not listened to the album yet, but checked out "Sour Candy."

    The under three minutes thing is very noticeable. Is the rest of the the album so... slight? It's like nothing really happens in the 2:37.
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  8. $$$


    I went in with zero expectations, no leaks and 15 pages of reviews on this thread. About to hit Act III. So far I’m not mad, it’s a nice time.
  9. Honestly I'm fully here for the Eurovision direction (which is extremely different than the fan theories that were swirling around here I'll add), but half the time she doesn't commit enough or simply misses the mark. I don't think it's enough for her to recreate the sound. I expect her to at least to take us somewhere new, throw it in a blender, shit on it, etc.

    Alice, 911, Plastic Doll, and Replay are the only songs that take me there. Replay is the most interesting.
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  10. You want a real TASTE
    At least I'm nawt a FAKE

  11. I was a Rain On Me length complainer but listening to the album the only song that felt cut too short for me was Babylon, specially considering it acting as an "epic" outro. I didn't think Sour Candy was too short either, surprisingly.
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  12. I've given it a few spins now and for the most part I am enjoying it. I'm surprised 1000 Doves isn't getting a bit more love. Seems like one of the most potentially radio friendly songs to me. It's also the albums non-ballad ballad. If you told me it started out as a piano ballad for A Star Is Born I'd believe you.

    I think Stupid Love and Rain On Me were the appropriate songs to lead with. Y'all can go on and on about how awful Stupid Love was as a lead but it really wasn't a bad choice. It's one of the most commercial, radio friendly songs here. And while this is a very commercial album it's also not an especially current album. I think she has a lot of potential single options here, I just don't know that they sound like 2020 radio options. I'd probably pick Free Woman as the 3rd single. I wish they'd been able to find a better middle ground between the demo and the final cuz the demo certainly needed some beefing up, but the final also feels a bit neutered. Plastic Doll could be a single and the music video potential there is big if she has a budget. Enigma definitely feels the most 'Gaga' and it harkens back to Artpop the most, I think. George Michael definitely should be credited on it though - solid bit of the melody is lifted straight from Father Figure.

    Overall I'd give it a solid B. It's a fun, basic dance pop album. And admittedly, the petty part of me kind of enjoys that because for years her more ardent, hard headed stans would tell you she would never make anything so basic (even though she has), she would never write something like Hair Body Face for herself, she's just a bit above all that. And well... here we are.
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  13. I think Sour Candy feels especially slight compared to other songs.

    Some of them were too long.
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  14. I mean, what else really? It's an obvious single surrounded by clear album tracks.

    As if the songs around it would've done any better. There's only one smash here and it's the one that's about to go #1.
  15. Alice, Plastic Doll and Enigma are all early highlights for me. Sour Candy is also for intellectuals. This is a good album!
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  16. Interesting. We'll see I guess. It does kind of kill me how basic that track's production is. It's like a Witness demo.
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  17. I can't get enough of the robotic vocal on Alice. I fucking love that shit!
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  18. This album is so fun!

  19. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Yas Elton. Gimme those Neil Patrick Harris vocals!
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  20. Me taking advantage of a bathroom break during Fun Tonight and Stupid Love and Sine From Above

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