Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Alternate mixes? To an album I’ve yet to hear?


Let’s get that 40 track Complete Collection by the end of this.
Replay is that PTSD bop. Dare I say a career highlight. Not to get weird but I tend to read her work in a certain way since we share experience with assault and I can't help but think the song is about rape/assault more generally.

Am I still alive?
Where am I? I cry
Who was it that pulled the trigger was it you or I?
I'm completely numb
perfectly encapsulates the haze of my experience, not knowing what the fuck just happened but that it definitely wasn't good. Not to mention this is also what a nervous breakdown feels like (which apparently she and I share as well, love that for us).

So many other genius choices: the manic, swirling sample (a disco Vertigo oolong, we love a callback), her generally unhinged vocal, the self-loathing ("Then I sit inside it wondering if I'll behave"), the age regression (her childlike "It's a game I play" and "Psychologically it's something that I can't explain").

But I think my favorite aspect is the ambiguity of it all.
I don't know what to do
You don't know what to say
The scars on my mind are on replay
The monster inside you is torturing me
The scars on my mind are on replay
Who is she addressing? Her assailant? A new lover? Herself? Everything collapses onto itself with PTSD. Safe feels dangerous, familiar seems strange. What's most terrifying is you feel as though you can't trust your own judgment since it's so clouded by trauma. Is the person standing in front of you the person they say they are, you think they are, or are they just another monster underneath it all?
It’s interesting how close she is to the world of Grimes and HANA, given the BloodPop association, but the album turned out like this? She and her collaborators must know, that there is electronic music that can actually be conceptual and aid to the world she is attempting to create. I’m not getting any of that with this. And I think that’s...fine.

Of course, this might not be at all what she’s trying to do here, but the ambition she presents with the world of Chromatica just does not match up with the album. And again...that’s fine.

I think the problem lies with adjusting my own expectations with what a Gaga album should look/sound like. She doesn’t seem to be in the mood to reinvent the wheel nor do her collaborators see that for her and I think that will take time for me to process. But for now excuse me while I find my “lemme just bop this and be happy :)” hat, but it might take a while.

Free Woman is great though!
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I don't think there's anything more divisive about Rain On Me than any other pop song. No artist is universally liked. Thats not exclusive to her.

I feel like Gaga's fans are really flip floppy with their liking/disliking for each album though, moreso than other artists? Maybe it's just because I pay more attention to her though than others, admittedly.
I have listened to this through twice now and I like it a lot! The melody of 911 reminds me of something and it is annoying me what. The verses and the bridge.

Plastic Doll is giving me Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton *let's play at being pop stars for a while* feels and I like it..

I've got blonde hair and che-rry lips