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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. It’s interesting how close she is to the world of Grimes and HANA, given the BloodPop association, but the album turned out like this? She and her collaborators must know, that there is electronic music that can actually be conceptual and aid to the world she is attempting to create. I’m not getting any of that with this. And I think that’s...fine.

    Of course, this might not be at all what she’s trying to do here, but the ambition she presents with the world of Chromatica just does not match up with the album. And again...that’s fine.

    I think the problem lies with adjusting my own expectations with what a Gaga album should look/sound like. She doesn’t seem to be in the mood to reinvent the wheel nor do her collaborators see that for her and I think that will take time for me to process. But for now excuse me while I find my “lemme just bop this and be happy :)” hat, but it might take a while.

    Free Woman is great though!
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  2. I think this is her best album since Born This Way.
  3. Yeah, it’s just not the tea. Especially when Gaga sings in French, German and Spanish and it’s never labelled the same way.
  4. Screaming at the new weather report video, even better than the first one dd.
  5. Me: I should really listen to something else today, this album's not even officially out yet
    Also me literally two (2) seconds later:
    TAKE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I feel like Gaga's fans are really flip floppy with their liking/disliking for each album though, moreso than other artists? Maybe it's just because I pay more attention to her though than others, admittedly.
  7. I have listened to this through twice now and I like it a lot! The melody of 911 reminds me of something and it is annoying me what. The verses and the bridge.

    Plastic Doll is giving me Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton *let's play at being pop stars for a while* feels and I like it..

    I've got blonde hair and che-rry lips
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  8. This is a much better album than ARTPOP.
    I'm not sure how it fares against The Fame Monster and Joanne, the former is a tight 8 track album and the later sounds TOO different to even compare.
    Is it better than Born This Way? What album is? Really.
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  9. Edu


    Hoping his friend's latest album Miss Anthropocene actually inspired them to release different mixes of these songs in some special edition of the album or something. Can't wait for Rain On Me (Club Mix), Babylon (Art Mix) and Stupid Love (House Of Climate Change Mix).
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  10. Did I buy Rain On Me for 99p on iTunes this afternoon? Yes, yes I did.

    Is it the first time I’ve bought a single since Britney released Work Bitch in 2013? Yes, yes it is.

    What can I say? I’m desperate for Gagz to be able to say she’s gotten a UK number one single, three decades in a row.
  11. This album is so fun, lighten up gays.
  12. Waited until today to buy it on iTunes too!

    They deserve this #1!
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  13. That is one of the highest compliments a pop song could receive. Also Gaga wrote two of those so ddddddd
  14. Just one.
  15. The fact that Work Bitch has the last-purchased iTunes benchmark for so many different pop releases in the last couple of years is hysterical to me for some reason. Being gay is awesome
  16. BTG


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  18. Some more (after)thoughts:
    • The middle-8 of "1000 Doves" sounded familiar to me. Turns out I connected it to the middle-8 of "Monster". Does anyone else hear the similarities?
    • "Sour Candy" = "Swish Swish" as if that wasn't mentioned 534 times already. And I love both songs pretty much equally.
    • The fact that the second verse/middle-8 of "Alice" could easily pass as a snippet of an "ARTPOP" outtake if someone took that part and uploaded it online.
    • The saxophone in the chorus of "Babylon" completely adds something special to the song (and the production in general, choir included).
    • "Enigma" is probably the most Gaga-sounding song on the album, at least melodically speaking (and the delivery, too). Totally sounds like it stemmed during the "ARTPOP" sessions (hence why I connect it with "Fashion!" so much).
    • "911" and "Plastic Doll" are growers, I can feel it.
    • The final few seconds of "Chromatica II" makes it sound like it's going to burst into Christina Aguilera's "Welcome". An epic moment, either way.
  19. One thing we call all agree on: ALICE is incredible.
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