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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Finally caught up with the thread after reading about 30 pages, I loved reading everyone's interpretations and opinions

    Overall I am pretty satisfied with the album, the track lengths mostly aren't an issue (Alice and Babylon feel too short though).
    I need to spend more time with Plastic Doll and Sour Candy but I'm sure they will grow on me as well.

    Enigma/Replay and Sine From Above/1000 Doves go so well together. Actually I would love a joint video for Enigma and Replay.
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  2. Perched for Babylon to be a Drag Race lip sync for the rest of eternity.
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  3. Is there a review embargo? Literally not one review from publications is out yet.
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  4. The Robo-Gwen Stefani stylings of 911 are most pleasing to my “what do you mean 2004 wasn’t two years ago” gay ass.
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  5. Plastic Doll is a cute girl. It could be a Heidi Montag but I stan that.
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  6. I think after a few listens, I'm gonna have to add Fun Tonight to the bin along with the interludes and Stoopy Luv. 1000 Doves does what it sets out to do but better, but also has the disadvantage of being lost in the mix with its tracklisting placement. My album playlist looks like this:

    Rain On Me
    Free Woman
    1000 Doves
    Plastic Doll
    Sour Candy
    Sine from Above

    I think Sour Candy works as a sort of quick palette cleanser before heading into the (only slightly) grittier second half.
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  8. The alternate tracklistings not even keeping the best and first of the three interludes...gals
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  9. Gaga wishes!

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  10. Fixed
  11. Is it her MDNA then?
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  12. I don’t think this was posted. More outtakes from Ari

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  13. The interludes are literally useless to me. I mean if you get something out of them then great but I don't need to sit and listen to 60 seconds of dramatic Titanic score before listening to a quick lil Europop bop. Just give me the song and call it a day.
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  14. K but u also wrong tho.
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  15. For the last time. NO.
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  16. RJF


    The opening string piece is one of the best arrangements of her whole career. Like the album crashes straight after but still.
  17. I mean, I get it, but the first and second both lead into their respective songs. I guess the third does too, but it’s the least memorable of the three nn
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  18. Just not feeling the love for 'Alice' at all. No doubt I will in time, but for me it kicks the album off in super basic, faceless, anaemic-tuned style,
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